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Saayii Tolof Part 331 EPISODE 27 (Difficult Marriages- Amanda Aminata ‘Joye Buga Nimbal’ Mandy Cry for Justice)


Mbassy with her friend Pandy
“So you want to match – make us eh? Isn’t that a feudal arrangement?” Pandy teased.

“Call it whatever I want a good sophisticated wife for my brother and the devil you know is better than the saint you know not you have been my friend for years and my course mate and I know you’ll be a good bride for my one and only brother our parents are at his neck for him to bring a bride home and he does not know where to start would you oblige me my dear friend?” Mbassy pleaded.

“Your brother is the most eligible brother I’ve ever known and according to the picture shown to me he is handsome and also a medical doctor what else does a girl of opportunity such as Pandy wait for? I’ve accepted fully can we go and meet him to do my final assessment and to see know he loves me too?”

  “Fair enough let’s go.”

At Uncle Frank’ House
   Aunty Sue prepared a delicacy to celebrate International Women’ Day when all the family members dine together to enjoy the special dinner prepared for them; she decided to poison Mandy’ food. She asked her to pray for the blessing of the food she did and the family ate to their satisfaction as everyone praised Aunty Sue Sabelle delicious cousines.
As Mandy munched her food Aunty eyed her with scorn only trying to make a plastic smile.

Chief’ House
Mam Biram came and Haja scolded him even before he settled down then he got up and left in a jiffy Mbassy protested.

“Mom what you are doing is not right dad is upset with him but is still taking an easy ride Mam is a man not a boy to be tossed around please give him respect and a little break.”

Haja Oumu
    “That’s what I don’t want to hear your dad and you are pampering him he has to be told the truth how much chance can we give him now when our whole life is hanging down? What sort of planning is he doing?”

“Brother is planning his life before he got into any serious business he rented a nice place I’ll take you there don’t be upset.”
She visited him with Mbassy and found him getting out;

Mam Biram
   “HI mom you, what are you doing here?”

Haja Oumu
   “Can I not visit my son?”

Mam Biram
   “I am going out mom and you can’t stay alone in my house.”

Haja Oumu
   “Thank you that’s a nice way of sending me away but get one thing in mind we’ll be damn to let you destroy what we have built before you were born.”
She got into her car and was driven away.

At Uncle Frank House
 Mandy was sleeping in her room and woke up very late Aunty Sue alerted Uncle Frank;
“Mandy is still sleeping then our trick worked she must have joined her parents the poison is very lethal let me go and check on the situation.”

The Surprise
   Aunty Sue came to check on Mandy who was in deep sleep; she held her hand and it went flabby she became happy and said in her mind ‘she is dead.’ Then she went closer and wanted to open her eyes then suddenly Mandy got up and became scared;

“What is it Aunty? I over slept.”

Aunty Sue Sabelle
“Are you still alive?” Mandy looked scared then she changed the question;
“Are you alright?”
“Yes, yes I am very fine just over slept.” With disappointment she left for her room.

The Secret
Mandy’ mom prepared a poison anti dose and was giving it to her over the years after it was learnt that Papa Frumose had been poisoned by Frank Faddy, unbeknown to her, that’s why Aunty Sue’ poison did not have an effect on her.

Mam Biram
He is very angry with his sister;
“How can you do this to me first you brought dad and now ‘rakaju’ mom this is the limit now the whole community would know where I live thanks to my discreet sister.”

“You are right brother you should be mad with me but I am very sorry I was under pressure it was your fault why do you run away from your house this is home you cannot make yourself a foreigner.”

Mam Biram
   “I want to practice my profession that is what will make me happy.”

“This is cause for celebration I am 100% in support of you.”

Uncle Frank House
Uncle Frank got a rude shock when he came back from trek;
“Amanda is a witch she is alive the lethal poison has no effect on her.” Aunty Sue Sabelle reported.

Uncle Frank
“That cannot be I doubled the dose that was put into her father’ food and he died slowly but for her I doubled the dose for instant death. Yusupha our man cannot fail us.” He posited.

Uncle Frank
   Uncle Frank reported the incident to Koto Yusupha;
“What’s wrong with your portion? It did not kill the target this time around.”

Koto Yusupha
   “It has been revealed to me that Mandy is being protected by a strong spirit you cannot kill her with poison.”

Uncle Frank
   “How can I kill her then because if she lives my plan will be ruined and I’ll lost everything I’ve worked for over the years my company cannot go to Amanda.”

Meeting the First Time
   The friends have been communicating through Facebook then Pandora paid Mbassy a visit at her family home Mam Biram came by coincidence and the duo met for the first time and Mbassy introduced them to each other.

“Mam this is my beautiful friend Pandy whom I was talking about she is a course mate and a dear friend she is sophisticated and brains I know you’ll not find her wanting.”

   “This is my sweet one and only brother the eligible bachelor doctor whom you can never found wanting and moreover, isn’t he handsome?”
To be Cont.

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