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Saayii Tolof Part 299 EPISODE 24 (Difficult Marriage – Chonor Naahar ak Baneeh (Hellfire then Heavens)


Housainou with Maajor

He complained to his friend Maajor;

“That stupid woman Choro went and cooked watery soup for me with no fish or meat and when I asked her she said she bought rice with most of the money and what was left cannot buy meat or enough fish I became angry and poured the hot soup unto her face. I went inside my house for a machete then Wal that stupid man came and took out a gun for me, what is his business with my woman? Was he the one who found her for me?”


“How could you do that threw hot soup unto her face do you want to ruin her life forever? A woman’s face is her life what you did is a crime and you can be punish for it if taken to court as an act of gender base violence.”

Choro with her friend Maget

“I have problem with Housain he is very wicked and wanted to destroy my life he poured hot soup unto my face when he complained that what I cooked had no meat or enough soup as I rolled on the ground yelling and shouting for help a Good Samaritan Wal came along chased Housain with a gun and helped me. He is a good man Housain would have killed me had he not come in time, Housain also went got a machete and want to chop my body.”


While Choro was narrating her horrible experience Maget was in trance her mind miles away Choro called her attention;

“Maget! You are so absent-minded what are you thinking about?” She caught up and made excuses;

“It is the worldly problems excuse me.” But that was not the truth she was being jealous of Wal’s concern for Choro because she targets him for a boyfriend and later a husband but she cannot share such a thought with her friend.


Her baby Galandou awoke and was coughing;

“My baby Gaa is awake let me go for him.”


He came with ‘baby shower’ for Baby Gaa Choro was extremely happy;

“You saved my life and again this thank you very much for the gift.” He greeted Maget but she is displeased and hurriedly made excuses to leave.

“Stay and chat with your friend I am leaving.” But despite Wal’ plea Maget left with a heavy heart of jealousy. Wal stayed longer and played with Baby Gaa.


He came and found the baby shower and asked for its origin; but before Choro could explain he threw the items away and went back into the room Choro picked the items and took them into her room.

He asked for his food and Choro went to prepare it while he contemplated;

“Why is Wal interested in my family? Has he had eyes for Choro? He has to kill me first before he takes away my woman is he showing his social status? But Choro loves me despite all the ill-treatment meted on her.”

Housain with Maajor

Maajor put the idea of baby trafficking into Housain who is under his influence at first he reacted violently to him;

“You devil incarnate! Why should you not trade your own child? How could you ask me to trade my boy my first child at that so that we can make money to start a lucrative business? Why should I be the only one to sacrifice? I’ll not do it.”

But as Maajor pressurized him he began to give it a positive thought.

“This is a good opportunity which knocks only once Choro is young and fertile she can produce more children.”


She went to the stream to get water, when she came back Baby Gaa has gone. She yelled and check the whole place


He came to visit his mom and went to visit Choro and found the situation and enquired.

“I went to the stream to get water and when I came back Baby Gaa was gone.” Choro explained.

“Have you reported to the police?” She nodded negative.

“Let’s go.”

They went and the police mounted their search and later found the culprits Housain and Maajor under handcuffed they were taken to the police and charged with child trafficking.


Her heart soften for Housain:

“Wal my brother Housain is Gaa’ dad it was the work of the devil since he is found let the police release Housain.”


“It is not like that Choro these men are criminals and the court will see them as that with no sentiments attached.”

The Court

The duo cannot defend themselves they were sentenced to serve seven years in hard labour. Choro and Wal were present with baby Gaa. Housain regretted his action and asked Choro and baby Gaa to forgive for being a candidate of the devil.

“It serve you right you are the devil himself.” Wal spate on the ground but Choro is very sad.

Wal felt her pain and said;

“I’ll get an injunction when I go back to the city and get him released after few months for the sake of Baby Gaa and you to be stable to breastfeed you child well.”

At the City

Femi found Daado weeping and he counseled her;

“Is it mom? She will be found.” He consoled his sister.


“Mom has to be found and the baby in her womb when she left is she a brother or sister until this is known there is no rest for me.”

At the Village

Choro is at Housain house nursing her baby with welfare support from Wal.


She visited her friend and found her playing with Baby Gaa.

“You are so close with baby Gaa and it make me want to marry to have my own child.”


“Marry! You are right but if you know what is in it you’ll take your time to marry the right man all that glitters is not gold just take your time is my candid advice.”

To be Cont.

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