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Saayii Tolof – Part 286 EPISODE 23 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Yakarr’ Hope)


He came home and Hope welcomed him but he rebuffed her;
“Welcome! You are back?”

“What do you expect from me to get accident over the bridge and die?”
“I don’t mean that?” Hope explained.
“Then what do you mean especially someone who has come into a lot of wealth?”

“Dinner is ready!”

“I don’t want.” When she insisted he scolded her;
“What do you put in the food? Do you want to have a hold on me just as you have done to mom? Tell them you have not seen me am gone and get that into your thick skull.”

“You are not fair! Why should you say that to me?”

    “Well life itself is unfair if not I would not have been here shackled in this shammed marriage. It is not fair not fair at all!” Olu repeat himself.

She is not feeling well as she felt dizzy and sat down for a while groaning.

He came and watched her mannerism as he saw her on the floor groaning in pain;
“If it is pregnancy abort it trust me not even a child will make you stay here more than necessary.” He uttered with callousness.

“Please I need little water.” She pleaded

“Get your maid to do that for you I had a guest this evening get things ready.” He left heartless.

Party at the Home Garden
    After the party Sabs spent the night at Olu’ house just to spite Hope rubbish was littered around the garden in the morning Hope mobilize the auxiliary staff to help in the clean-up.

At Olu’ Room
    Hope went to Olu’ room and sat on his bed he scolded and asked her out;
“What are you doing here didn’t you see me dressing up? Get out!” He pushed her out and locked the door after her.

But before leaving Hope made her point;
“There are many places around town where you can go to and do your thing it is your life and I cannot tell what to or what not to do but not certainly not at home right here under my nose, how would the auxiliary staff see me? It is not fair and it is not respect I am your wife however you see it.”

“Are you trying to tell me how to run my life?”

“I am your wife and have every right to raise up my point.”

    He replied with sarcasm;
“I am aware some minutes ago. Get out!” He yelled.

Arrival Of Dupe
Dupe is a cousin from the States where she is living and working she came on a holiday when she learnt about Hope’ marriage to a ‘big shot’ as she described it; she did not inform her of her coming not to talk about staying with her;
She rushed and embraced Hope;
“Why didn’t you tell me you are married to a ‘big shot’ look at this huge house? I don’t need a hotel I’ll be staying here whenever I am on holidays.”
“Surprise no notice Dupe! You did not inform me of your coming not to say staying with me no change same, same Dupe all the same you are very welcome.” Hope called Musa to help take Dupe’ luggage to the guest room.
She asked after her fiancé.
“Remi is there full of complain we were to come together until last minute when he changed his mind he wanted me to postpone but I refused.”
“When is the marriage?” Hope asked.
“I put it to a halt until some issues are settled am not very sure about him again whether I want to spend the rest of my life with him that’ why I came for this holiday to search my mind.”

He entered and saw the stranger full of life and vigour as Hope introduced the two of them;
“Olu this is my cousin Dupe from the States where she works and stays.” She then turned to Dupe;
“This is Olu my husband.”

She jumped and hugged Olu who withdrew and is cold;
“Hope here is my cousin and you are in very safe hands you have a big house and I love it and would not be going to any hotel again if you don’t mind.”  He just walked away and went into his room. His cold reception is deeply felt and Dupe withdrew and looked closely at Olu Hope is embarrassed as she tried to minimize the damage.
“It is okay follow me to your room.” Dupe followed.

She struggled to put her laundry on the line but fell upon the floor groaning Dupe looked through the window and saw her she yelled and went down to help her get up. They struggled upstairs and she laid her on her bed;
“We have to call the doctor to come and examine you or I take you to him.”
“Give me my medicine it is in the cupboard my appointment is next week when I exhaust my medicine.”

At the Living Room
    As they were watching film Hope’ phone rang and it was beside Olu she asked him to give her the phone but he refused and ignored her it was Dupe who was at the far end who got up and brought the phone to Hope; she looked at Olu and frown he too frown at both of them then went into her room and shut it.

Hope was being accompanied by Dupe her cousin, they came down and Hope went for the car that was to take them she asked Musa to call Michel the driver he came was murmuring and hesitated she scolded him;
“Where is the key? Give it to me quick I have an appointment.”
“Boss has embargo all the cars he said no one should drive anyone without his consent he has also taken all the keys from me.”

“What is it are we not going? It is getting late Hope we have to go now in order to return early.”

“Okay let me go up and come back quickly.”

“Did you forget something?”

She nodded her head and went to Olu and asked him the keys;
“Olu I want the keys I have a doctor’ appointment and need a car when Michel said you put an embargo on all of them and they can only be used with your permission.”

“Yes, that is correct find a cab.”
“But I had a doctor’ appointment.” She emphasized.
“I know take a taxi.”  He said bluntly with a hard frown face.
To be Cont.`

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