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Saayii Tolof – Part 279 EPISODE 22 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Am Ndaa Touch Ndaa’ Flirtuous Marriage)


I was shattered and I exploded;
“Njillan has to leave the house and now!” I ordered.
Dave was defiant;
    “Says who? Njillan is not going anywhere am I not the head? She stays and that is final! Who are you to tell me what to do in my house?” As I was about to leave Dave violently pushed me to the bed with venom seen in his eyes and threatened me.
“Be careful or else you’ll not live to tell your story.”

Selfish Desire
Dave pretended as if nothing happens and I went out stood by his car preventing him to enter and he pushed me away.
“Dave! You are shameless you show no sign of remorse no apology?” I remarked.
“Apology! What have I done to apologize when you’ve accused me falsely?”
“How smart? You can never go away with this!” I emphasized.

In the Morning
    Dave sat at the living room enjoying Mickey Mouse film like a child jumping and laughing aloud. I came and alerted him;
“Sweet Heart! You are not dress are you not going to see the doctor?” He pretended not to hear me then I repeated the question then he said;
“Am not going anywhere am not seeing any doctor.” Then I left.

Alone with His Lover
They have fun while I was away then Njillan explained;
“When are we coming out in the open? I am tired with the hide and seek game.”
I came back and Njillan heard foot-steps and ran away. Dave adjusted himself and pretended to watch film.
“Doctor want to see you.” I informed him he ignored me and I went back to my room.

Frame Up
    A young man showed up and started addressing me as ‘Sweet-Heart’ and I was stunned.
“Who are you? I’ve never seen or known you from Adam!” But he insisted.
“Don’t pretend I never knew you were married or live here.” He shamelessly continued blabbing I turned to Dave;
“Are you serious? What are you trying to do frame me up? You know this is a stupid act and your prank which cannot take you anywhere. Off my back! Shut up and leave now!” I yelled at the strange man hissed left for my room.

In the Bedroom
“We need to talk.” I said to Dave as soon as he entered the room.
“I have nothing to talk to you leave me alone.” He shouted at me.
I changed my tone;
“I have forgiven you and you need not defend yourself by playing that stupid prank out there.’
 He pretended to be angry;
“You are lucky that I did not throw you out that’s why you still have the gut to talk back at me.”
“It was plan by you and you know that I’ve never cheated on you since you married me a maiden.”
“You have three days to tell me who that man is or else I’ll send you back to your father’s house.” He became adamant to cover himself.
“We have long been married and never have such problems we both know it but why now?”

Refuses to Eat My Food
    Men pranks refusing to eat their food when they have contradiction with spouses; Dave refused to eat my food and I enquired;
“Your food is at the dining why have you not eaten?”
“I am not hungry and don’t start again!” He rebuked me.

The Surprise
As we discussed his strange behaviour Njillan majestically walked into the Dining and brought food.
“Oh I see! It is okay.” I remarked.
Njillan walked past me ‘dry eye cover shame’ and went back to the kitchen behaving as a co-wife.

My Reaction
I went inside and brought out her suitcase;
“She has to leave now she has overstayed her welcome!”
“She is not leaving she has to stay!”
As we pushed and pulled Dave gave me a nasty slap and ordered me to take the suitcase back into the room I refused he dragged it and went after me for another beating I rushed and shut my bedroom.

His Reaction
   He snubbed and maliced me we started to live apart but I refused to go his way I confronted him;
“Darling you have changed why are you treating me as thrash? You are guilty you lied to me and also tried to cover up by framing me up but upon all that I’ve forgiven you please come back to your senses you should not destroy what we have tried to build all these years.”
“Don’t raise your voice at me.” He became defensive.
“This is your true colour Dave I am very disappointed with you.” He pushed me and went back to the sitting room.

The Shock
    Dave came and saw no food at the Dining and he asked Njillan;
“What has happened? Where is my food?”

“Your wife asked me not to enter her kitchen.”
“What!” He wanted to hit me but Njillan intercepted between us.
“Hit me is that not what you are good at?” Dave pushed me and I hit my head at the wall and fainted.

She was panicky;
“Let us take her to the hospital she might die you know I am scared.”

   He was unconcerned;
“She will be fine she has just fainted she will come around. Come here let us have fun.” Njillan jumped on top of him and they have fun while I was laid on the opposite settee.

In the Morning
Bang! Bang! Bang! The noise was thunderous Dave got up as the bang continued;
“I am coming who is it?” He opened the door and who came in?

Mama Dave
“Mama! It is you? But you never announce your coming all the same come in.”
“Should I announce my visit to my son’ house? Where is your wife?” She asked as she surprisingly saw Njillan half-naked sleeping on the couch.

He tabbed Njillan;
“Get up!” She got up saw Mama and panicked;
“Good afternoon! Good Morning!” She greeted Mama Dave. She came to take away her suit case but Mama still asked;
“Where is your wife?” Dave hesitated to answer which alerted Mama that everything is not well then she asked;
“Who is she? Is she not Abi Osseh’ daughter from the village? Why is she half-dress in your house and what is she doing here?”
“She dresses in nightie and works for us as a house –help.”

She came back and asked Mama what she want to eat;
“Can I prepare you Quicker-oats or ‘Chura-gerte’?”
“I am not hungry.” She rebuffed her then she called her back;
“Why do you dress nude in a married man’ house? Your body is the temple of God you should only show it to your husband not to the world go back and dress properly.”
“Okay Ma I’ll do just that.”
To be Cont.


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