Saturday, December 7, 2019

Saayii Tolof –Part 269 –EPISODE 21 (Difficult Marriages – Saayii Force – Forced Marriages ‘Yahoole’ ak ‘Nyahum’)


Uncle Victor’ family
He called the family to order and apologized to them;
“My children let us live in peace and not in pieces it is my fault I have taken the blame for the weakness of the flesh this is my story I was denied to marry the woman after my heart because of society’ prejudices the parents of my woman drew a wedge between us and instead married her to a middle class man from the same village who was residing in town despite the incident we continued our affairs unabated I got married and we became outlaws flirting openly to defy our parents we became married ‘bachelor’ and married ‘spinster our spouses knew about it and it hurt them badly. My wife died of heart break and I was absent at her time of need both my wife and parents cursed me and I was blamed as a useless man. The same goes for Margo she neglected her husband and is blamed for his demise.
Now we are here it is not your making but due to the mistakes of your parents what cannot be helped must be endured. Let us try to live in peace and make the best out of a bad situation; I am now your sole father you are all my children and I have given you shelter and will take care of your needs to the best of my ability; I am sorry for all the inconvenience I’ve cause you.”

   “Thank you for the long sermon but me for one cannot forgive you for turning me into a nervous wreck, an object of shame and ridicule and let me be heard stop frolicking with my mom it has already caused two lives and if you don’t stop more lives will go I have said my own this house will be turn into hell for all of us.”

He burst into anger;
“Who are you to taunt dad’ goodwill message? Are you the head of the family son of a harlot woman? Shut up and stop the bickering I for one is not afraid of you dad is right we cannot keep crucifying him he is a man who cannot be straight especially when a loose woman who cannot close her legs is beside him all the time.”
Tony jumped and assaulted Alex dad stood between them and was almost wrestled to the ground if it was not for the timely intervention of Maha and Malo who dragged him away.
“You cause it dad stop pampering these animals you call your children they are not welcome here.” He yelled.
“Take it easy Alex let us show restraint and know their circumstances what is happening is abnormal

I can feel all your frustrations but we must all try to keep the family.”

“Alex is right dad these people you call your children have no place here they are trouble and have come home to create chaos but they have found their match tit for tat.” Dad cautioned her;<

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