Friday, February 28, 2020

Saayii Tolof – Part 268 EPISODE 21 (Difficult Marriages – Saayii Force –Forced Marriage ‘Yahoole’ ak ‘Nyahum’


Papa Victor
He came home and Tony confronted him;
“He-goat I learnt you are still sleeping with that harlot of a mother your she-goat? Stop frolicking with my mom if not both of you will not live to narrate it!”

Papa Victor
“Is that a threat Tony? Do you know that I am your father?”
Tony went into tantrums;
“Pigs, goats and all animals for that matter do produce their young being my biological father even though detested I cannot do anything about that but now I can stop your atrocities both of you harm us very badly and I’ll be damned to stay and watch you continue your illicit wayward life style which has already eaten away its first victim my ‘real dad’ so far I am concern Papa Augustine is my ‘dad.’”

She pulled Tony away from Papa Victor who was wrestled to the ground;
“It is okay let us go!” Then she rebuked their dad;
“He-goat! What is it? Are you not humane? Don’t you have feelings? You have already hurt us badly we are now adults our people call us ‘mbange nyam ruus’ (people who loath shame) leave our mother alone! Stop your illicit affair it is unacceptable! Your actions created Tony who is now a ‘living bomb’ if you dare him it will cost both of you your life!” She spat upon the ground.
“And you too Malo you are also following Tony’ path? We shall see!” He said covering his shame and to pretend he still has authority over his estranged children from the illicit affair.

Papa Victor’ Family
  He narrated the incident to Alex his second son from his wife;
“Your brother Tony almost killed me today accusing me of still dating his mother; but why should he assault me his father? What has become of our youth today?” He lamented but Alex rebuked him.

“But daddy haven’t you already dig your grave? You cause it by being infidel to your legal wife from day one! Your frolicking with every Pauline, Dickens and Harriet caused it, you were never faithful to mom who died of heart complain gossip told me; look at the discomfort you have caused us! You brought strangers you call your children ‘ant infested firewood’ now be ready to welcome the visit of the lizard.”

Papa Victor
“Don’t judge your father I was in a trap being denied to marry the woman of my heart; Tony’ mother was my woman I wanted to marry her but her greedy parents prevent me because a middle class manager a villager from the town came with money to buy their consent and they married him to their daughter but they cannot tear our heart apart we continued our affair despite her marriage and we freely have our field day which prevented us from being faithful to our married partners both your late mother and late Augustine knew our illicit affair but cannot do anything about it we were helpless to temptation of the flesh and we defied society and common sense when your late mother got sick and was dying I was not with her but with Margo in the neighbouring state I was called to come I came but she died in my absence and I was cursed and blamed for her death just as Margo is ostracized and being blamed for Augustine’ death. I am very sorry Margo is my cross we practically cannot leave each other; our people say your mother placed a curse on me but I don’t know forgive my transgression.” He knelt down to win the sympathy of Alex who as a man felt weak and confessed he could have done the same if denied his choice of a wife.

He waited for Tony to come home then he confronted him;
“Why did you assault dad you son of a she-goat?”

    “Oh your he-goat of a father reported me to you, is it as a judge or jury? I’ll not deny it I did, and did he also say I’ve warned him strictly? It is not a threat but a promise your frolicking dad made me a nervous wreck he gav

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