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Saayii Tolof Part 267 EPISODE 21 (Difficult Marriages: Saayii Force – Forced Marriage ‘Yahoole’ ak ‘Nyahum’)


According to Customary Law the children were to be returned to their biological father it was sad, painful, traumatizing and shameful. At about the same time when the children were returned ‘home’ mama was also sent packing by the village women singing degrading lyrics for her as was done in past for such episodes it was called ‘name’ and ‘shame’ just to discourage women not to engage in such ‘anti- social’ behaviours.

   He did the unusual as he followed the women who sang degrading songs directed at his mother;
“I am sending my message through this ancient medium I disown you Mama harlot of a woman and I assure you that your end will be horrible.” He spat at the ground. He is now at least satisfied that his mother is being named and shamed. Earlier he almost strangulated her before the women arrived to take her away.

The Bombshell
Aunty Harjata went to the farm and screamed as she raised her head up;
“What! Our family is finished! Why would he do it? It is not worth it life is very precious!” She yelled as she rushed home to break the news of the suicide she tumbled and fell into the puddles but still ran as fast as her legs could carry her home.

Uncle Dave
She asked Uncle Dave to follow her;
“To where?” He asked but she kept running and Uncle Dave followed as he too tumbled over the puddles they reached the site and she pointed out at the baobab tree at the heart of the family farm and there he was hanging dandling his lifeless body with protruding tongue and Uncle Dave almost fainted yelled and cried as a baby;
“Why? Why? Why?” He kept asking with no answer in sight.
“Why should he killed himself? What Margo did is shameless but he should not have killed himself, you could remarry and have other children and let the Law of Karma judge her for posterity. Our family is shattered! A peaceful man! A family man!”

The Kinsmen
They were summoned and they lamented over the suicide facade.
“Why? Why? Why?” Was at everyone’ lips.
“Why should he kill himself? The harlot of a wife does not deserve such an ‘honour’ she is not the only woman on earth; he could have remarried there are many noble women in our village.” Uncle Teddy argued. They were mad at Mama Margo and wished her an evil end.

Mourning Period
   Hajum being the ‘chaat’ of the family rolled upon the ground and cried her heart out.
“I want to die! Let me die!” She yelled as Aunty Njombat held her tight;
“I’ll not let you, you have to live and have your family.”

The Other Siblings
They came dumbfounded yelling and rolling upon the ground but Tony sat and cried silently tears rolling down his cheeks; Uncle Victor and sat close to his biological children dumbfounded without uttering a word wearing a guilty perturbed face.
Malo fell and fainted Maha and Tony administered First Aid to her. Tony reflected.

At Grandpa Commando
    Mama Margo was stone quiet and beside her was Mama Mossan her bosom friend. Grandpa was too ashamed to go to the Mourning home but decided to stay at home and mourned his son-in-law beside him his brother Uncle Saul.

At Papa Sosseph Home
As the family and kinsmen sat to reflect after the burial Mama Margo came with Mama Mossan and her husband Papa Alasan Tony was the first one to sight them he got up pointed at his mother and yelled;
“What are you doing here harlot of a woman? You have already killed him what do you want now to come and mock at us? Get out or I’ll eat you raw!” He rushed after them but Maha restrained him and Tony wrestled Maha to the ground and the other kinsmen asked him to restrain himself;
“She is still your mother and your ‘dad’ has not divorce her she was just sent home for correction of her behaviour.” Uncle Dave argued. But Tony would not bulged he got loose from Maha’ and ran after his mother and her companions who ran and took shelter for protection as he hailed stones at them.
Earlier Hajum ran to her mother as Tony asked her to exit.

At Papa Victor’ Home
Tony followed the trail of the lovers and reported it to Malo;
“Do you know that the ‘he-goat’ and ‘she-goat’ as still dating and sleeping with each other?” Tony expressed dismay at the finding.
“No! They dare not! How can they do that after their shameless action ha

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