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Saayii Tolof – Part 244 – EPISODE 19 (Difficult Marriages – Dusa Nawle – Caste Discrimination in Marriage)


Aunty Margo with her Daughter
She called Yas to attention;
“Your mother in law is very dangerous you should be aware of her she do you and can as well undo your marriage as her son is in her palm she is an author of charms rumour has it that Prof was under her palm who can deny such an allegation? Her wish was her husband’ command.”

“Am I Prof? I am not afraid of her it is ‘tit for tat’ I promise you.”
“What an elder sees sitting a child doesn’t even see if he/she stands at the tallest tree I said my own oh I’ve said my own!” Aunty Margo posited.

The Administration
Yas lined them up and said;
“Times are hard I am going to restructure the Admin we don’t need all of you.” She then started to ask each of them what he/she does until she comes to Commander who challenged her;
“What do you think you are doing my lady?”
“What a stupid question? What do you think am doing? Don’t you have eyes?”
“I do but I don’t get you!”
“You are being fired for disrupting the procedure!”
“That is nonsense I cannot and in fact none of us can be fired because of the terms of reference of our employment.”
“Are you defying me?”

Madame Pure
   She majestically came out of the Mansion and went towards the crowd;
“May I know what is happening why are you being paraded here?”
“I am restructuring the staff it is austerity and we not need all of them.”
“Who are you to restructure my staff who were instituted since Prof’ time?
“I am the lady of the house and have every right to do such.”
“You are already fired how can such a person fire anyone? I made you and I have already done with you rude girl I regretted marrying you to my son.”
“We shall see who will leave me or you fussy woman!” Yas left with arrogance.
“Disperse and go back to your work it is only Commander Joof through me who can call you to order or dismiss you on legal grounds but not any other lousy fool/idiot do you understand?”
“Yes Ma!”  And they thanked her.

Tit for Tat
The first casualty of the ‘cold war’ was Madame’ allowance Yas cut it off unannounced;
“She does not need it I have to save it for another use.” She soliloqued.

Madame Pure
She sent Commander to receive her money but he came and said nothing was posted.
“How can that be?” She called Al Housain;
“What is happening? Why was my allowance not posted?”
“It was posted how do you mean? Let me go and asked Yas.”
“Ask Yas for what now? What has she to do with my allowance allocation?”
“Mom am sorry I cannot handle the cash department but decided to hand it over to Yas do you see anything wrong in doing that?”
“I see everything wrong in doing that why didn’t you consult me first? Has she given you anything to eat/drink to be out of your senses? Don’t you see what she has done cutting off my allowance?”
“Don’t jump to quick conclusion as yet let us investigate from her.”
The duo confronted Yas and she confirmed Madam’ worst fears.

Al Housain
“Have you posted mom’ allowance?”
“No, I haven’t.”
“She does not need that huge sum I have to put it to another useful use.”
“What! Who are you to make that decision?”
“I did it as your wife the administrator of your company.”
“Restore it Prof made that wish in his will and it has to be honoured remember it is my mother we are talking about here your excesses are choking me and am not ready to tolerate any of it now!”
“You see what I told you this woman would destroy you and I’ll be dammed to sit and watch her do just that!” She swore.
Yas defied both of them and left.

Madame Pure
She is devastated and could not believe that it is her whom Yas is toying with impunity she has to pinch herself;
“Is it really me? How can I allow this to happen to me, a whole me being toyed with by this senseless ill- mannered girl? I’ll talk to her mother before taking drastic action.”
She rang her friend Aunty Margo;
“My dear sis come and take your daughter and teach her manners I have sent her packing and she refused to go if you don’t act now you’ll regret that you ever know me.” She barked.

Aunty Margo
 “Yas is in her husband’ home and I have nothing to do with her now if she is ill-mannered help her to be mannered since you were the one who out of your own free will married her to your son never ring me again to talk about Yas as she is now out of my jurisdiction thank you and good bye!”
“She rang the phone at my ear we shall see what I would to all of you irresponsible mother who cannot talk sense into her misbehaved daughter!”

Madame Designer
 Madame Pure visited her to pick up gossip;
“You are very reduce in weight Prof demise has still not left you but life has to go on all of us cannot go together except in disaster take heart and enjoy the rest of your life.”
“Thank you my sis but in fact it is not Prof as my husband’ memory kept me alive in this trying days of my life it is my daughter in law.” She wept bitterly.
“Which of them Jomme whom you rejected outright because of caste or Yas you favourite whom you found and married for your son?”
“It is unbelievable my friend it is the reverse Yas has turned out to be the serpent sucking and killing me softly; can you believe that Yas cut of my allowance this month and I only found out when my chief security went to cash my cheque which became rebounded?”
“No it is a lie! That cannot happen Yas is a free born who is supposed to be perfect as you people think; our people have to learn and change their attitude I am from the Smith Clan but what has that got to be with my sovereignty The Gambia is celebrating its 52nd year of nationhood and still some people are being discriminated as Caste who should not be married to, grave yards are also separated on such frivolous grounds? We have to liberate our minds and see each other as equal in birth and work towards developing our nation to greater heights and avail equal access and opportunity to us all should be our goal.”
To be Cont. 


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