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Saayii Tolof-Part 234- EPISODE 18 (Difficult Marriages- Yaaye Ju Buge – The Greedy Mother)


Buge confessed with feeble, trembling voice in tears;
“I implanted the drugs into Ete’ house with the help of Wojay who has sour grapes to settle scores with my stubborn daughter Oyof in order to separate them and made it possible for Alhajj to get access to my daughter to enable him marry her with ease. Also for Wojay to have access to the love of her life Ete who has no eyes for any other woman except my daughter; I hated Ete’ guts and see him as a pauper who want to spoil my chance to get into riches and change my class status. I gave D15, 000 to her as a bribe for her to carry the task which Alhajj sponsor.
I am very sorry I’ve dined with the devil and nemesis has finally catch up with me; Ete was innocent.” She then cried to Pastor and asked;
“Will God forgive me?”
Pastor held her shoulder and asked her for them to pray together they prayed and she counseled her;
“You have confessed your sin and as a God of mercy he has forgiven your transgression.” She then stretched her body and slept forever.
Oyof suspected and shook her up;
“Mama! Don’t do this to me, what am I going to do now that I’ll become an orphan? Wake up Mama! Wake up!” She yelled as Pastor held her tight and cried with her then Pastor ran her hand over her face and covered Buge’ eyes.
“Sleep forever and rest in perfect peace.” She prayed.

She returned to the village for Buge’ burial and after the ceremony she returned back to the city and continued with her job as a secretary to an oil company.

She has also graduated and now works for a law firm she went to town and met Oyof the duo exchanged pleasantries and enquired about each other;
“You are shining what are you consuming?” Oyof asked.
“I have graduated and am working for Law firm what about you, are you not also shining like a diamond in the sky?” They both laughed.
“I am also working for an Oil Company am sorry for jilting Ete the love of my life Mama drove me into that God forsaken marriage to that evil man who called himself Alhajj he was never married up to that age on the hold he was a cultist and wanted to use my womb for money ritual our Pastor revealed him to us and Mama regretted her action and as we were from Pastor Helen a hit and run driver hit and disabled her and in the process she lost her sight and limbs you see God action my sister Mama insulted your visually impaired mother and called her names and described her as a pauper what happened to her before she passed on?”
Mandu jerked;
“Mama B passed on? Oh I am very sorry my sister I do not wish her that.”
Oyof continued;
“I can remember that fateful day when Mayatou came to our house to enquire whether Mama has a hand in Ete ’arrest and she shamelessly denied any involvement it was untrue Buge set Ete up with the help of Wojay.”
Mandu could not believe her ears;
“How do you know about this, who told you?”
“Mama Buge confessed before me and our Pastor before she died; Mayatou swore when she came to our home and prayed to Allah to punish whoever was behind Ete’ incarceration and that the person/s to die a painful death, nemesis, the law of Khmer finally caught up with mom and she died a painful death, a living corpse as maggots oozes from her wounds and smell filled her room people have to cover their nose to escape the offensive smell she asked Ete and her family for forgiveness; where is the love of my life? Also before I forget the cultist was also murdered by an unseen master I am now free, will Ete want to see me again?”

 “Many questions and many revelations I am very confused as for my brother he travelled but when he returns I’ll make sure you meet him he has to understand that it was not your fault, Buge was a terrible person may Allah forgive her sins amen! But what she has suffered on earth I am sure Allah will forgive her as for our family we have forgiven but will not forget her harassment and insults but thank God we are no longer poor and Mayatou should have lived to see what her daughter has become.” They embraced and shed emotional tears. They exchanged phone numbers.

Mandu with Ete
“Ask who I have seen in town today?”
“Mandu who have you seen?”
“I saw Oyof in town.”
Ete hissed and changed the topic.
“Why should you do that my good brother?”
“What are we discussing about, a traitor who violated our oath? I have nothing to do with her or have her sugar daddy finally dump her? Don’t spoil my mood, please change the topic.” He snapped.
Mandu refused to give up and insisted;
“You have to hear me out before you draw conclusions; you know how Mama B bugged and gagged her family they were helpless from this heinous, domineering woman, she drove her innocent, kind husband to bankruptcy and to his early death who dared stop her? She was the one who implanted drugs in our house with the complicity of Wojay who said you betrayed her for Oyof can you imagine?”
“What! Wojay was never my girlfriend her brother teased me and said he will give her to me while I also give you to him that’s all it was fun but what I cannot understand is how her jealousy could drive her to do such an evil act?”
“Are you not familiar with the phrase that hell’s fury cannot be compared with the scorn of a woman? She was always very angry when Oyof comes to our home to help Mayatou she would become angry and insulting and would also malice me for a while but I always rebuffed and ignored her. Mama B died an awful death broken unhealed limbs and she lost her sight in the accident the Law of Khmer has finally visited her she sent her apology to us and has asked for our forgiveness. Let us forgive her also Alhajj has also met his own share of the punishment his cult master struck him dead he also wanted to sacrifice Oyof’ womb to the beast. Forgive the love of your love since you parted you never befriended anyone you were meant for each other please forgive her I’ll make it possible for the two of you to meet and iron out your differences.” Ete kept quiet and thought deep.
To be Cont.

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