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Saayii Tolof – Part 224 EPISODE 17 (Difficult Marriages – Doom Ju Gorr – Male Child Factor)


Nyaling (Nyaalo) a society woman met Esau (Hussein) at his hey days and they fell in love and got married within the twinkle of an eye before knowing each other.    “Esau Hussein was a perfect husband he did everything for me I was a model when he married me but he encouraged me to continue my profession with both material and financial resources and I was thrilled. We agreed that we defer childbirth until at a given time in my career he agreed never to accused or chided me as barren woman because our decision was a secret between us. Then disaster struck and he is mad God knows what Mama did to get her three successful sons mad about the same time. I’ll continue my career and my life Esau Hussein is not my priority for now.”
Before she left the village she went to Mama;
“My agents have called me they have arrived at the city I am going but will return when they go back to London.”
Mama was not convinced she correctly thought she was running away from the responsibility of taking care of her sick husband.
“Ragal Angel left and you too want to leave your husband to us to take care of, okay it is alright I am their mother who would never forsake them you’ve come to inform me whatever I said can’t keep you back you better please yourself.” Mama opined.
She went to the outskirts and met her boyfriend Osseh who drove her to the city.

At the City
 At first they lived at her matrimonial home but her best friend Mariam advised her;
“How could you do this live with your lover at your matrimonial home? How would Osseh see you? Will he ever trust you? Remember your legacy and what people will say about you.” Mariam posited.

Nyaalo Nyaling
“What people say! What people say! Am I living for people? People will talk ‘na so den tan! Let them talk and let me do my thing. Hussein Esau is mad! Am I the one who made him mad? Is it not his wicked, cultist mother? All the same our living here is temporary I have already secure a house for us to stay until I sort myself we are relocating to Europe and get married there away from gossips like you.”
“I am telling you the truth and you call me gossip okay I can live with my conscience for society to know I differ from you even though I am yet to get married and being close friends.” Mariam Faida posited.

Living with Lover
She rented a duplet and they stayed there Osseh demanded for capital to reinforce his Artist business.

 “Sweet Heart I am ashamed to be always demanding for money from you as the adage goes teach me how to fish and feed me for life than giving me daily fish and when you are not there I die of starvation and want.”

Nyaling Nyaalo
 “You are correct Sunshine how much are you talking about?”

“Three million would do or anything is better than nothing.”
Nyaalo thought hard and said
“D3million I don’t have but I can do what I can manage.” She kissed him and they have fine time.

The Bank Manager
 Mr. Bangura was Nyaling’ ex she met him and requested a favour;
“Bangs can I ask for a favour?”
“Anything Nya as it is said ‘old firewood no hard for cage’ anything for you.”
“I have a joint account with Hussein and you now know his predicament I want to withdraw our joint account to go and heal him in the sub region using ‘black medicine’ his madness is spiritual.” Nyaling posited.
Bangs thought hard and heisted but Nya insisted,
“Do it for me and I would forever be grateful.”
It was a heavy decision but he finally conceded.
“I’ll do it for you but I’ve not done it for anyone before.”
Nyaling kissed and thanked him.
“But one good turn deserves another I’ll be waiting for my pay.” The duo laughed over it.
She went home and gave the money to Osseh he was thrilled and could not believe it.

So you give me the money? What could I have done without you?” He kissed her all over.
“I love you! I love you!” He posited.
“I love you too and have great plans for us; through my connections we’ll elope and get married in U.K to hell with a mad husband he was a good man but I cannot still get married to a mad man that is not my portion.” Nyaling posited.

Mariam Counseling
She has now invested all her cash and emotion into the relationship earlier Mariam cautioned her;
“Be careful with these young boys they are parasitic they eat you up underneath they have their sun shines later to elope with them into their world.”
“That is not my Os he is faithful to me and I’ve never seen him being unfaithful to me I’ll stand by him.”
“Suit yourself but don’t say I did not warn you.” Mariam left her.

The Shock of her Life
    She went to the Embassy and secured two forms for each of them then went to deposit it to him what did she see?
There on his bed was Os interlocked with a ‘Sweet 16’ as he called her having fun. Nyaling went into tantrums turning the house upside down.

Past memories invaded her mind;
The picture of the first meeting with Osseh how he praised her beauty and showered praises upon her how she was inflated with ego of the beautiful damsel. He said she was her one and only one. Upon this reflection she became mad;
“Liar and a cheat! How dare you cheat on me son of a dog? I picked you from the gutters clean you up and made you a renowned artist now you are somebody to be followed because of me, how dare you?” She rushed at the young girl and started to hit her but Os parted them and sprang upon her punching and hauling insults at her;
“How dare you adulteress? Do you in your whole world imagine I’ll marry an old hag like you? You’ll do the same to me as you treated a husband who despite your character did everything for you only to be dumped for a young blood when he needed you the most, do you take me for a fool? Unfortunately for you I am not you looted the money from your lunatic husband gave it to me to spend wisely, Rabbiatou is my Sweet 16 and I have already proposed marriage to her and there is nothing you can do about it.”
To be Cont. 

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