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Saayii Tolof 309 EPISODE 25 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Not My Class’ ‘Dusuma Nawle’)


At the Kitchen
Salma went to Aunty Gina to collect money for her tuition fees when she came back she met her father who enquired what she was hiding when she showed him he read the address opened the letter and seized the money.

He confronted Halima and accused her of having an affair with Sanjaly;
“God knows that this good friend of the family is helping us therefore I feel no guilt with your false accusation.”
Salma hugged her mom and consoled her.

Halima’ Condition Worsens
Salma went to her father to report of her mother’ condition;
“Dad mom’ condition is precarious she is suffering a great deal of pain we should take her to the hospital.”

“Am I a doctor or dispenser? Get out of here!” He scolded her.

She went back to her mom who was gripped with severe pain;
“Have you told your dad? What has he said? Go back to him.”
She went back and he threw his pillow at her with taunts and insults;
“Won’t I have peace in my house you little witch of a daughter and a wife?”

Decided to help herself by crawling on the floor to go out of the house Salma went out to get some more help. She got some passersby who came willingly to help Halima to go to the hospital As Fams stood at the balcony of his house he saw strangers from the street helping his wife to go to hospital he felt shame and has to rush down to give a helping hand.

Was it too Late?
Halima bled extensively and was exhausted before they reach hospital she was rushed to the labour ward but it was too late she died on labour table together with the baby. What a tragedy.

She was devastated as she saw her mother cruelly snatched by death together with her sister.

Path of Revenge
Salma went abroad for studies got her degree but came back on a revenge path;
“I’ll show him hell he murdered my mother and sister he’ll see the worst of Salimata!”

Loud Irritating Noise
Salma came with her rowdy girls and they turned the house into a night club pub with loud noise Fams came out and protested but she ignored her father and continued what they were doing. When the girls left she came up Fams confronted her,
“What is on your body?” Fams asked.
“Tattoo! Don’t you get it tattoo!” She walked past him.

Step Mother Stephanie
She is worried about Salma’ wayward life and she loved her very much as her own child Steph did not know the story behind rebellious nature.

Salma and her Girls
They are wild and rotten to the core, Olimatou, Margaret, Rugi, Fatma and Ngui they came in all forms and sizes dancing seductively and with no iota of shame.

She called aside Ngui and whispered into her ears they entered the house and both greeted her father who answered them with politeness;
“I am going to the shop and would come back soon.”
“Okay.” Ngui replied

Fams with Ngui
She did naughty things and went direct to dad to tease him he fell to the trap of sleeping with her and it was recorded.
Then Salma came back and left with her friend.

The Company Accountant Bashiru
Salma went and pressurize him to post to her account half a million dalasi which he reluctantly did to her satisfaction.

At Home
   Step mother Stephanie wooed her with presents and gifts but she refused them all which pained her heart.
“Please God help me to make my step daughter loves me like her own mother I just want to make my husband and Salma happy.”
Salma flung the presents at Stephanie’ face and went back into her room but she is still very patient even though very hurt.

Business Partners At Home
    Salma came and disrupted her dad and his business friends’ meeting Fams was embarrassed but could not do anything thus D3 million deal was destroyed.
“What am I going to do thanks to Salma she has destroyed my D3 million business deal. What am I going to do with girl? Please God help me appease my daughter she is estranged from me.”
He confronted Salma and cried before her;
“What have I done to you my daughter? Please forgive me.” He told Salma who came home late and drunk to stupor she could not hear her counseling as she was dead drunk. Fams shook his head and wept but Stephanie was there to give him support.

Salma did everything to molest her but she stood her ground and acted normally.

The Mischievous Girls
They came to the house half naked as they narrated their adventures with sugar daddies and how they rob them day light before they can understand anything.

Fams at Home
    Salma came with her naughty friends as usual half-nude and they disregarded Fams’ imam friend in fact they were making advances at him which he found insulting as he left abruptly to Fams’ frustration and disappointment.

as there and has to calm Fams;
“Prayers is the answer we should not be discourage with our daughter she is young and still needs our guidance.”

At the Pool Side
The girls were playing by the pool dancing weirdly, drinking and smoking Stephanie came to advise them they started to tease her and suddenly Salma push her into the pool she almost drown but the security guard Amadou and the house help Fatou plunged into the pool and rescue her Salma and her friends laughed heartily seeing it as fun.

She is her friend Salma helps her a lot and they have a strange affinity.
“Salma you know I am your friend am I not?”
“Of course you are and I love you a lot what can I do for you tell me and it will be done you are my friend and I like you very much.”
“My friend don’t be angry with my question, why are you troubling your father and your step mother your weird friends are bad influence you should stop going out with them.”
To be Cont.

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