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Saayii Tollof Part 527 EPISODE 35 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Baah’ Ak ‘Raakaju’ ‘Niitu Be Lakale’)


“Baah want to remarry that Jomm of a girl Eteh’ sister who is already pregnant for him what are we going to do if we can’t stop the marriage?”

Maama Raakaju
“Let us kidnap his baby and put conditions to him.”

“What condition Ma?”

Maama Raakaju
“He has to marry you or else!”

“Or else what if he did not bulge?”

Maama Raakaju
“We travelled away to another place where he will not find us.”

“Do you examine your plan very well? I have studied it and found many gaps Maama I am unemployed how can I take care of us without Baah’ help and support? If we hurt him he ‘ll hurt us he no longer care for us he is deeply in love with Jomm who is expecting his child Junior is no longer his priority therefore your plan is not good and will be more harmful to us than Baah. I’ll not do it if I want to go anywhere it has to be accepted by Baah Junior’ dad. You have ruined my life Aunty Fiida was and is still right what sort of mother are you to destroy your daughter’ happiness? Baah did not wrong  me he was and is still a perfect husband I still love him and would never have another husband I am finished! I am finished! You are a horrible mother I hate you with a passion.”

Maama Raakaju
She is shocked and shattered;
“Is that how you speak to a mother like me? Since your dad died I gave all my life for you ingratitude daughter you are rude and your excesses unbearable Baah is the only stupid man who can marry you and you’ll never be married again adulteress!”

“Like mother like child am I not the daughter of an adulteress? Our people say ‘kewel du topp domja bota’ the kangaroo cannot jump and its child crawl! Can it?”

Maama Raakaju
“Do you forget me so soon? Am I still not Ma Raaka? Rude girl learn your manners!” She gave her a nasty slap.

“What! Do you still consider me a child? I am an adult who has allowed you liberalism for too long!’ She pushed her mom she fell bump! And crash her head on the hard floor blood oozed from her nostrils, and ears. Niitu panicked and yelled.
“Maama! Am sorry are you alright?”
She stoop down and listen to her heart Maama was gone and Niitu yelled.

She came with Junior and saw the spectra on the floor oozing blood from her nostrils and ears;
“Child! What have you done?”

“I did not kill her I just push her Maama get up I did not mean to hurt you.” She sobbed and starts speaking to herself.

“You have killed your mother.” Fiida rang the police and they arrived with immediacy and handcuffed Niitu and took her away.
“It is very sad for such a tragic end!”

The Phone Call
Baah has already contracted his contract with his partners which will result to millions of dalasi he was thrilled when the phone calls and reflected Aunty Fiida;
“What has Niitu done again to Aunty Fiida? When can I be freed from the duo devils?”
“Yes Aunty Fiida what is it again?”

“Disaster has struck the unimaginable come quick it cannot be said over the phone.”

“Eteh it is very serious something terrible has happened in my home Aunty Fiida refused to tell  me what has happened I am very scared; what about if I’ve lost my son?”

“Think positive all will be well.”

At Home
Fiida welcomed him in accompanied by Eteh and took them to the crime scene before Niitu was carried away;
“She is evil  and has done her worst her mother is gone I cannot say anything evil about her only God knows may her soul rest in perfect peace.”

Her cold body is taken to the morgue it was pitiful.

She was arranged in a law court and finally sentenced to life on the charge of manslaughter.

Aunty Fiida
She adopted Baah’ son voluntarily and relieved the duo especially when Jomm is heavily pregnant with their first baby.
“I’ll adopt Junior as I have done for his father to give you more space to welcome the new one.”

“Junior is our first baby and I request to also have more time for him he should not make feel he is unwanted by his family I pity and empathized with Niitu who was deceived by a cunning mother may she be pardoned to turn to a new leaf.

The Second Wedding
The dual wedding took place and the duo became man and wife compatible and perfect couple two of a kind. Later Jomm gave birth to twins a boy and a girl the couple is overwhelmed Aunty Fiida is excited and happy;

“Your cup is full Jomm Junior is mine.” She teased her.

“All the same he has to visit us weekly for the connect to his family we love and adore him.”

He made a Thanksgiving Party;
“The Lord has done it for us we praised him for a work well done we are compatible Jomm is my soul, heart and my mind!”

A Happy Ending

The End of EPISODE 35.

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