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Saayii Tollof Part 519 EPISODE 35 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Baah’ Ak ‘Raakaju’ ‘Niitu Be Lakale’)


The Quarrel
Niitu met Doc. at their Rendez Vous and Doc. blamed her for the blown up;
“If you were more discreet we would not have been in this predicament.”

“Are you blaming me for what we both enjoyed while it lasted?”

“Am I sure whether I am the father of the baby it is a gamble here there is no paternity test.”

“You are my husband is not man enough to father a child we have been married for 5 years he can have nice sex but has low sperm count it is only a woman who can name the father of her child.”

“Not now when there is sure paternity test which is the surest unless that is done I cannot claim the child of a married couple.”

She became irritated;
“Okay you are not his father you barbarian, rogue doctor. But you cannot escape your responsibility you equally enjoyed me as my husband you have to marry me now I am leaving apart with my husband due to the incident I am losing his grip he looks me with contempt and disdain I want to move from his husband before he becomes physical he hates me with passion the table has turn marry me and make me your wife rent a small apartment with two rooms and a pallor one for Maama and the other for us. I can’t continue to stay with my husband he can become physical especially in my state of health.”

He remained silent for some time which worried Niitu.

The Bombshell
“I cannot I am married with two kids.”

“What! Married! When? How? Where? But you never told me you have cheated me.” She started hitting him.

“But you never asked you are married you have a cover as you can always passed it on to your husband especially when he is desperate to have a child.”

“If I am precious to you then divorce your wife.”

“What! Divorce my wife for what now? She is a professional as myself and can take good care of us moreover, she is a virtuous woman if I follow your wish on what grounds can I divorce her? Please be reasonable and ask for something realistic and doable. Moreover, that will never be possible because I love my wife and will not take any rubbish from you.”

He came and walked past them.

“Baby! Are you back.”
Baah ignored her and went into their house.

“We will see later I don’t want any more trouble with your husband.” He left in a jiffy.

As soon as Niitu entered the house with a gloomy face she enquired;
“Any problem at Doc.’ office?”

She spoke in whispers;
“Baah met us together he said nothing and walked past us. As for Doc. he is married with two kids and said in no uncertain terms that he loves his wife and children and see no reason to divorce her for anyone not even me.”

“He can rent a small house for you and you live in concubinage nothing is wrong about that when your dad died I live in concubinage with my lover during his lifetime in concubinage because he was a rich man with a wife and children.”

“Doc. is not willing he blamed me for the blown up he said I was not discreet I lost love, respect and trust of my husband what am I going to do the wind has blown open the hen’ anus. You must do something.”

“Of course Niitu am I not your mother didn’t I tell you my story I experienced more or less the same experience. Give me time to think something positive.”

At the Clinic
Doc. lost respect overnight all staff category spoke ill of him how he neglected his lovely family and cheated on a virtuous wife the Board must discipline him every one advocates.

The Board
The Board heard the workers plea and wrote him a letter.

Board Letter
“You are suspended for 2 years and your license is hereby confiscated no medical practice during the interim after your suspension you will be assessed to see whether you have change for better.”

Doc. In Limbo
“What am I going to do? How will I face my virtuous wife?” He wept for his indiscipline.

Doc’. Wife
She heard the scandal and confronted her husband;
“Thank you very much I’ll give you time to clean the mess with a married woman.” She left with her children Doc. became ashamed and devastated.

He wanted to harm her but has consideration for the unborn child;
“Let us leave apart until you put to bed and I’ll decide your fate.”

She went into acting to get Baah’ empathy but it did not work this time;
“Aiiye! My back! Please massage my waist.”

He hissed and insulted his estranged wife;
“Are you not shameless adulteress call your married bachelor doc. to give you a massage or your useless mother like mother like child she will give you a warm massage as well as evil advice.” He went out.

“My child it is over no more privileges you used to enjoy it is a changed situation come let me do it for you.”
She went to the mother and she massaged her.
To Be Cont. 


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