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Saayii Tollof Part 518 EPISODE 35 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Baah’ Ak ‘Raakaju’ ‘Niitu Be Lakale’)


His company is not happy with his inconsistency it wrote several queries to no avail finally he was written to;

The Final Company Letter
“Due to your inconsistencies the company is very unhappy to end your services with it pass by the Accounts Office for all your dues to be paid to you thank you for the past years and may you be successful in life.”

“I am not surprise I expected this for a long time now.”

She visited the Clinic and passed the nurses without greeting they ignored her to avoid her troubles she went straight to Doc’ office and started romancing him he protested;

“But this is crazy what about if a patient comes and found us in such a compromising position?”

“Do I care? Let them talk na so den tan’.”

“But I care I am head of this clinic and a licensed OBGN and moreover, you are a married woman at that.”

“Your baby needs you please caress me to reassure him.”

He went home to narrate his misfortune to Niitu to make her and Maama feel guilty but the security told him that Maama went out but Niitu went to the clinic.
“Is everything okay with my wife?”

“Boss I am not sure.”

He rushed to the clinic thinking that it was an emergency;
He greeted the nurses and walked past them.

Nurses Gossip
“God is great! How can he join these different peoples together as husband and wife?”

At Doc.’ Office
Baah dashed in and what did he see?
There was his wife Niitu in a compromising state with Doc. He exclaimed and sprang at Doc.

“Jesus Christ! What is happening Doc. Frolicking with my derail wife? I’ll kill you.” Baah fought Doc. And insulted him there was pandemonium at the Clinic as all people were embarrassed and shock.

“Please forgive me I faulted but let it not go up am begging for mercy.”

“Mercy! There will be no mercy for traitors.” He shouted and everyone got alerted and there was gossip everywhere within and beyond the Clinic.

The Nurses
“That’ why he always takes her side in any contradiction Doc. Mam Ngorr is a criminal and an adulterer look at his beautiful wife she has been dishonoured by an adulteress.” Jomm posited.

At Home
Baah took a stand;
“Packed your things and leave my home, my life what have I not done for you? I brought your mom and you out of poverty your mother lives with us parasitically what have you to say? I cannot live with an adulteress period! Go to your home put to bed and let your boyfriend take care of the child.”

Dry Eye Cover Shame
It is our peoples’ adage.

“I am not going anywhere are you not ashamed of yourself? You cannot father a child Doc. done it for you instead of praising his courage and valor you are chiding him? You are half man not a full one. Go to hell and rot there I am not going anywhere.”

“Why are you making noise Baah? You supposed to be happy Doc’ did a good job for you what is your problem?” She supported her daughter 100%.

She went into tantrums insulting and embarrassing her husband. Maama held Baah as Niitu hit him.

He remembered visiting a doc with Niitu when they were married and stayed childless for 4 years then doc’ diagnosis confirmed low sperm count and Baah became disoriented;

“What do you mean doc. I can never father a child?”

Doc. Saine
“I did not say that please get me right you can your condition is not that serious with medication it can be corrected without surgery in severe conditions it is only surgery that can help; take your medication regularly and pray to God you are not impotent.”

She took the advantage and describe her husband as being impotent.
“You are impotent and can never father a child.” She threw it bluntly at Baah it became a weakness over his wife and mother-in-law.

“Baah is a good man but you need a child my daughter even one is better than nothing. We have to develop a strategy you have to play bond with your lover and gave it to your husband as a gift and never report to your lover that he impregnated you.”

“But how mom? How can I do that?”

“That’ the game sophisticated women play if their husbands are impotent what is important is to have a child nothing less nothing more.”

New Reality
The relationship became soar now the couple go back to their individual bedrooms they live apart no communication Baah put fish money in an envelope and left it at the sitting room where Niitu will see it they stop communicating.

“I’ll wait until you put to bed and we go for paternity test whose child is it will then we determined if it is doc’ I’ll divorce you on the basis of adultery if it is mine I’ll also divorce you and take my child. I told my lawyer and she has agreed.”

“it is not your child it is doc’ I’ll divorce you and marry him.”

“You are day dreaming Doc’ is married to a beautiful, faithful lady who bore him two kids how can he divorce her for an adulteress? You are going to lose your boo-boo and your chain mark my words!”
To be Cont.

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