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Saayii Tollof Part 517 EPISODE 35 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Baah Ak ‘Raakaju’ ‘Niitu Be Lakale’


Maama Raakaju
She is dozing after the fight;

He came home and found her dozing at their sitting room he verbally attacked Niitu;
“What are your use your mother and you? You duo spread ‘warhala’ all over the place people are castigating and chiding you madness run in your family should you not contain it within the confines of our home? Live and let live I am used to your madness but no other people give peace a chance. My next step is to take both of you to a psychiatric home.”

Maama Raakaju
“Baah my silence does not mean I am afraid of you my name is ‘Raakaju’ and you know what it implies never call me mad again or else I’ll show my ‘raakaju’ side people find our trouble and come back castigating us what do you expect us to do? Sit down and watch? No way whoever dares to find our trouble find us 100% ready.”

She shouted and hit her husband;
“How dare you side others and make fun of Maama? I’ll not tolerate it and will make life very unbearable for you.”

“More unbearable than you and Maama are meting out on me? That will be my death and all sorrows for me will then end and I’ll thank God alleluia!” He mocked.

At the Bedroom
‘Go to the fridge and bring some drinks.” She yelled.

“Stop the yelling now why should you yelled about everything?”

“Because you don’t take me seriously and allow outsiders mocked at me and my mother.”

In the Bedroom
Baah want to have time with her but she refused;
“How can I at my condition? I would not.”

He teased her but she refused him;
“I would not you prefer other people than me your wife.”

As he tried to touch her she swore to cry rape as she began to yell Baah covered her mouth;
“Please let me touch you.”

“I need some money.”

“Now is battering how much did I give you few days back? How can you blow money like that because you did not work for it? I’ll not give you a dim to fulfill your conjugal duties.”

“Then you’ll not touch me period!”

“You are a wicked woman one day you’ll ask for it and I’ll refuse you let’ bet it.”

They betted she was confident that she will always lord it over Baah because of black assurance.

At the Work Place
Baah pretended to be cheerful but Eteh knows his friend very well;
“Is it family problem again?” Baah nodded positive.

“You are trapped as you rightly said let her be until she puts to bed and you pick up from there.”

“Apologize to your sister Jomm and her friend Suuch I’ll find time and make it up to her.’ He took out a beautiful designer dress with matching shoes and accessories;
“This is for her with all my compliments and gave her this envelope and share it between her and Suuch.”

“Do you need to do this? The apology is enough.”

“No Jomm is dear to me I don’t want anything to trouble her heart.”

At Baah’ Home
As usual their wayward friends came they ate, drunk and got merry mess all around with high pitch music all over the place neighbours shut their doors and gave them deaf ears if they interfere is quarrels, insults and fight.

He came and found mess all around both Maama and Niitu laid upon the floor of the sitting room drunk Baah walked past them and locked himself in his bedroom, he took a warm bath and sleep very well as he physically cut himself off from them.

The duo slept at the floor of the sitting room they drank to stupor and take time to be sober we locally call it ‘lahal’. Baah prepared coffee for himself quickly gulp it and left for work before they woke up;
“My secretary Hawa will prepare breakfast for me I don’t want them to wake up and found me around.”

When Baah leaves
The duo woke up blaming each other;
“What happen why didn’t you wake me up? I am a pregnant woman for God’ sake lying on this cold bare floor is neither good for me nor my unborn child.’

Maama Raakaju
“Didn’t you know you are an expectant woman? How can you behave like us who are not pregnant? It is your bed please lie on it without complaining. Where is your useless husband? Has he not returned from work?” She check her time;
“It is nine o’clock he must have left us upon the floor drunk and left for work he will find me here what a disrespect!”

“Maama I’ll surprise you what is your use here? Baah is right are you a good mother? You let me do whatever I want and blame my innocent husband for it? You are a bad influence it is bitter but that is the raw truth.”

Maama Raakaju
“I would have beaten you blue/black to talk to me as such but thanks to your pregnancy.”
She pretended to pack her things to go home;
“What am I doing here when my only daughter conspired with her husband to make my life difficult? I am leaving.”

She crawled under her feet and beg her;
“Please forgive me it is my pregnancy that makes me stupid I am very sorry for taking my husband’ side I’ll tell him off when he comes from work.”

To be Cont. 

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