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Saayii Tollof Part 515 EPISODE 35 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Baah’ Ak ‘Raakaju’ ‘Niitu be Lakale’)


She is at home eating snacks and enjoying life as she calls it with an attitude.

As she was going out of the house she threw some innuendoes;
“I am not a monitoring spirit as some idle people call me not a dependent, retired prostitute destroying my daughter’ marriage and house.”

She left where she was sitting and came and confronted Fiida;
“The other day you came to my house and call me names today also you did the same have you forgotten my name ‘Raakaju’? Let sleeping dog lie and you refuse today you’ll see my other side.” She jumped at her and they got into a fierce brawl ‘Niitu called the neighbours to come and part them;

“Neighbours come and part these two angry lionesses my sister in law came to my home call my mom names and fight her is this not trespass?” Neighbours came and parted them amidst insults and sarcasm.

“I am going home but would come back when my brother comes the fight has just begun not yet over.”

“I am ever ready for any adversary being it human or spirit.”

She yelled at the security he came and she knocked his head;
“What did I tell you? Why did you open gate for every animal? You’ll be dismissed if it reoccurs do you understand me?”

“Yes ma.”

“Get out of my sight and now before I change my mind!”

At the Clinic
Niitu came and walked past them with an attitude not greeting any one the two nurses at duty Jomm and Suuch made a hilarious laughter Panka had off.

Doc saw her and got irritated but control his temper then asked;
“Yes Mrs. Niitu Baah what is it again? Any major problem?”

“Why the formality today? Am I not being welcome?”

“The agreement is you only come in emergency otherwise phone calls but all the same you have come what is the matter?”

“Come here!” She ordered Doc.
“Listen to your son he needs caressing caress him and do it with love to teach him principles in utero.”

“Are you not crazy this is a doctor’ office patients come in and out it is very risky and moreover, a married woman at that.”

“Are you not going to do or I shout?”

He quickly came and did it then she left immediately.

She went right to the nurses and greeted them they reply but with surprise then she asked them;
“What am I wearing?”

“A beautiful designer clothes.”

She turned to Suuch;
“What about my accessories, bag and shoes and Brazilian Human Hair costing D30, 000?”

“Everything is in order you are very cute.”

“Excellent girls I love your taste after all none of you is a bush girl but then why do you laugh at me whenever I visit your clinic?”
Before the ladies can reply she gave each a nasty face slap and yelled;
“Doc! Doc! Your nurses combined and beat me up; my baby! My baby! I am going to die! I am going to die!”

Doc. Mam Ngorr
He jumped to attend to Niitu;
“What is the problem?”

“Your irresponsible nurses conspired and beat me up.” She groaned and held her belly.

Doc. Mam Ngorr
“What! How can you two conspired and beat up a patient? The Hospital Board will hear it.” He slapped the two nurses who protested;

“She is a criminal acting for attention and to lie against us to spoil our careers but God is not asleep the pateints are here and can be our witnesses take it to the Hospital Board and we will meet you there how can you take her side of the story and ignore us? Go ahead walls have ears you talk and we’ll also talk then the truth shall come out.”

He became afraid of exposure he hurriedly called a taxi which took Niitu home he went back to his office and sighed;
“This woman is trouble she is very sweet but with ‘warhala’.”

At Jomm’ home
She reported Niitu to her brother Eteh;
“Brother I’ve never get such a humiliation from my work place until today Niitu came to our clinic slapped me and my friend she said we laughed at her when she reported there Doc. took side and also slapped and threatened our jobs can you imagine? You better talk to her husband to leave us alone she cannot come to our clinic and threaten us.”

“Niitu! What’s wrong with this woman? Is she mad? Her insanity now takes her everywhere to cause trouble for what now? I am very sorry you cannot be like her madness runs in their family I’ll talk to my friend her husband.” Jomm complied.

At Home
Baah scolded his wife and said;
“What’ wrong with your mother? Why did she fought Fiida in her brother’ house? What does she mean?”

She scolded her husband in turn;
“What’ wrong with your mad sister? The other day she came into my house insulted my mom and called her names we warned her through you and nothing happened, my mom is call ‘Raakaju’ and you know what that’ mean if she does not take time mom will maimed her here.”

“The devil is a liar back to sender if you mom becomes a witch here I personally will make her ‘jafurr’ and kill her trust me Fiida is my mom we are orphans and she and her husband trained me and make the best out of me which your parasitic mom and your useless self is enjoying period I don’t play with Aunty Fiida’ emotions get that into your thick skull.”
To Be Cont.

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