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Saayii Tollof Part 514 EPISODE 35 (Difficult Marriages – ‘Baah’ Ak ‘Raakaju’ ‘Niitu Be Lakale’)


Baah Ak Fiida
He was shocked to see his sister outside,
“What are you doing outside  is my wife and mother in law not in?”

“Let me come in first before I narrate everything to you. Let me visit the wash room first.”

She came back and explained everything to her brother he was shock and apologized to her.

“She is acting abnormally because of the pregnancy as for her mother she is not helping her she is just ‘raakaju’ please forgive me for any inconvenience my wife and her mother cause to you.”

“I am a mother of two beautiful kids I never acted as such during my pregnancy and I was living with a difficult mother-in-law who found fault in everything I do because she dislike my marriage to her son but I stay put just because of my wonderful husband who treats me as a queen to their envy why couldn’t she do that? I do not give her any trouble but encouragement moreover she has no in laws to contend with they are all gone. I think madness runs in their family that’ all if she does not take time she will lose you because of her mom’ negative influence there is a limit in everything if the cup is full it will over flow ‘Niitu Be Lakale’ (bluffing until you burnt down).”

“He is very naïve about pregnancy as this is his first experience and the crazy duo are abusing the privilege as a right.” Fiida reflected on.

“I pity my brother he is such a nice man married to the wrong person God please find us a way to free my noble, graceful brother from such a mess.”

At the Work Place
Baah is exhausted up and down from work to a crazy home work! Work! Work! He slept on his desk Eteh paid a visit and found him in that state he woke him up;

“Get up my friend you have to take it easy upon yourself don’t kill yourself for these idiots they are just crazy and that ‘raakaju’ mother is worsening the situation she behaves worse than her daughter. My sister Jomm told me about her tantrums at the clinic the duo found patients and said they are V.I.P who should be given first treatment as they argued for favouritism Niitu yelled doctor has to come out and took her in as emergency case she came out and mocked the other patients. Can you imagine that?”

“That is my dilemma how can I handle these duo? They keep on embarrassing me anywhere they go quarrelling with everybody who tries to correct and put sense into their skull what can I do aren’t they adults who should take care of themselves? I am very confused Eteh.”

“Just take it easy upon yourself every problem has a solution let us all pray over it.”

At the Clinic
Jomm and her friends gossiped about Niitu and Baah;

“I cannot understand how these two opposites come together as husband and wife? Baah is a perfect gentleman and look at his vagabond of a wife reckless, uncultured, raw and aggressive her mother does not help the situation what is this kind of a mother who drives her only child into her destruction? Too much of everything is bad and don’t be surprise when Baah’ eyes got open he will reject her what our people call ‘Niitu Be Lakale’.”

“I know Niitu more than you she was one time my best friend.”

Jomm and Suuch
The other two nurses are very surprised they exclaimed in unison;
“What! A friend to such an animal? How can you do it we are all ears?”

“Before I became a nurse I was idly loitering about I met her and other three idle friends in a night club and automatically birds of the same feathers we became hooked up she used to bluff and invite us to her house just to humiliate her husband and show us he is under the grip of her ‘raakaju’ mother and herself that whatever she wants her husband provides it I chided her and said she is very unfair to him she insulted me and call me names I swore I’ll never come back to her house and that was end of story. But one day she and her crazy ‘raakaju’ mother will reap what they have sown Baah is a perfect gentleman.”

The Devil
Niitu came in and all the nurses look at her and went into hilarious laughter she became confused hissed and walked past them without saying a word.

Doc Richard (Mam Ngorr)
He was very surprised to see her and protested
“Why are you here so soon? I have given you a lot of drugs to take care of small ailments if you frequent too much the nurses will suspect and begin gossiping about us and moreover, you always quarrel when you pay a visit.”

“Are you accusing me of being the trouble?  People trouble me and when I react I am being blame.”

Mam Ngorr
“Okay don’t come here again very often ring me and I’ll give you prescription over the phone.”

“I see you don’t want to see me touch my belly our baby is kicking feel him and give me assurance then I’ll go.”

Mam Ngorr
He hesitated;
“This is doctor’ office patients come in and out what about if we are caught? You are married for God’ sake! How can I handle that scandal?”

“I can always handle it my husband is not a man who can bear a child he has low sperm count and you are doing him a favour.”

Mam Ngorr
He kissed her belly and robbed her waist and they have some fun.
To be Cont.

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