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Saayii Tollof Part 511 EPISODE 35 (Difficult Marriages – Raakaju AK Baah – Niitu Be Lakale)


Going to Work
It was very difficult for Baah before he can go out to work Niitu blocked his way and Maama came and joined her Niitu asked him to listen to her demands he has no choice but to listen;

“Buy me some chicken legs for pepper soup also some ‘cerreh’ to eat it with, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, carrot, salad kani, and fresh bread also don’t forget my keg of fresh palm wine.”

To run away from her grip agreed to the list.
“I’ll try my best can I go now?”

“Yes you can but don’t come back with any cock and bull story.”
Quickly Baah took a deep breath and drove away.

The Folly
There is a Gesse group in the neighborhood Maama asked the Gateman Baboucarr to call them and he did they came and play for them;
Come and see their dance all obscenities were displayed Maama acted as a young girl no difference with her daughter as they outdo each other the drum beat was deafening neighbors in the estate complain but to no avail I don’t care attitude was displayed throughout the episode.

He returned from work and ignored them quietly they did not take notice of him if you see how heavily pregnant Niitu was dancing you cannot believe your eyes that this lady is exerting so much energy at this stage of her pregnancy but who dare query if you are not calling for a fight?

She laid flat on the floor still dancing with feet and hands thrown high up in the air then she became exhausted and cried complaining of back ache Maama Raakaju yelled Baah’ name;

Maama Raaka,
“Baah! Where are you? Your wife is suffering paid and you are in your house what sort of husband are you? Are you not the one who implanted it there? Come quickly and give her a good massage.”

“Wait a minute I am taking my bath then will join you.”

“Ayeee!” She yelled;
“I am dying!” She acted to make it believable.
Suddenly Baah came out from the bathroom and was forced in that condition to massage Niitu’ waist while Maama watched and gave silly instructions. Baah massaged her then asked for permission to go and complete his bath which they reluctantly gave.

The other household chores
He continued to sweep, mop and cook breakfast served her before going to work he just hurried up to avoid their trouble.

At Home at Night
She woke her husband who was deeply snoring and asked him to massage her back;

“Touch my belly and see how this wicked baby in my womb is behaving he is moving so fast now he is settling at my side massage it and apply hot rob.” She continued with such a naughtiness until she was exhausted and went to sleep Baah sighed and went back to sleep before she wakes up again.

Next Day
As he was going to work she called him again asking for frivolities;
“Don’t forget to buy cooked cow foot again with cerreh am I understood?”

“Yes Maa I’ll not forgot can I go to work now?”

“Yes but!” Before she complete the sentence Baah drove away.

“I forgot what else he was supposed to buy but all the same I’ll list it now before I forget.” She yelled at the gate man;
“Come quickly I need some sweets go to the shop and buy them for me I cannot ask Baah to buy everything he is a human being he will forget.” Baboucarr came and she hit him on the head;
“If you forget anything I’ll kill you.” Baboucarr is fed up with her nonsense.

“This lady and her Maama are wicked to Boss they are every time troubling him I wish when she put to bed for Boss to send her away with her stupid, wicked mother Boss is a good man very kind he never maltreat me since I was employed.”

At the Clinic
Accompanied by her mom they came and found a lot of patients waiting calmly to see doctor they shouted at the nurses and asked for favouritism;

Maama Raaka
“We are VIP let us see Doctor Bah immediately or else fire will get loose.” She threatened,

Patient Raki
She felt insulted and reacted;
“Who are you eh the first lady of the state? Who gave you the audacity to treat us as trash? You have to join the Q and nothing else.”

Maama Raaka
“Who is that mad dog shouting? Did I call your name or do you in fact have a name?”

“Are you not mad you have no shame upon yourself.”

Maama Raaka
She turned and gave her a nasty slap and Raki paid back and they entered in a brawl the nurses called for help and Niitu gave a shrilled cry and doc came running treating her as an emergency and through such an act she was given VIP treatment over the others doc gave her some medicine and ask her not to come to clinic for every small thing.

“You are my doc and I am physically, emotionally attached to you for confidence building you know what I mean.”

Niitu was treated and Maama left along with her as she was going she mocked Raki and said;
“Didn’t I tell you some are more equal than others.”
Raki hissed and insulted her all the more.
To be Cont.

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