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Saayii Tollof Part 510 EPISODE 35 (Difficult Marriages – Rakaju’ ak Baah – ‘Niitu Be Lakale’)



A kind hearted man marries a monster as a wife she is expecting their first child after an unexpected pregnancy Niitou brought her mother Rakaju to see her through her first pregnancy Baah agree to it but his best friend Eteh forsee problems for his friend. Niitu Be Lakale is a must read for couples to see how to manage their relationship without negative interference.

At the Office


Baah is in deep thought about his family how was he to tackle his family? He shares his concern with Eteh his best friend.


“This is what I was saying and you did not take heed send this evil woman back to the village until your wife put to bed. She is trouble and is interfering too much.”

“How can I do that it is easier said than done Niitou is heavily pregnant and now needs her mother badly.”

“But what is she doing for her daughter? Nothing whatsoever she calls you to do everything cook for your wife, clean the house all petty, petty drudgeries in the household upon that they stay idle and lazy with their filthy friends you brought the food on the table and cook it as well then what is the use of her mother at your house but to cause trouble.”

“I know all what you are saying but it is easier said than done.”

“You are the master of your home take charge now not later.”

At Home

The useless lifestyle continues their useless friends come for free chop and leisure they put the music at high pitch and take obscene steps Baah is exhausted and comes to a disgusting home he just passed them silently and crept into his room unnoticed and locked himself up.

Maama Rakaju

“Life is good and is for enjoyment my in law has money he was crying for the sound of a baby for a long time my beautiful daughter has fulfilled his dream now he has to show his appreciation by spoiling my daughter ‘patter-patter’ Life is good and for the living.”

He complains about the messing up of the house;

“Every day before going to work I clean up everywhere but when I return everywhere is mess up are you people for or against me?”

Maama Rakaju

“What sort of dumb question is that do you expect me to be your housemaid? I’ve come to take care of my daughter until she puts to bed and I return back to my home.”

“Did I tell you to sweep? But you mess up what I clean are you being fair to me? Or are you taking me for granted?”

They laughed and mocked at him.

She is very good at acting she screamed and Baah left everything he was doing in the kitchen;

“What is it Sweet heart can I do anything for you?” Baah asked.


“Listen to the sound of the baby’ heart isn’t it cute? Now massage my waist.” She screamed;

“It hurts massage it gently.”

“Okay Sweet Heart just take it easy I’ll massage it gently.”

“Prepare hot milk and a warm bath.”

Later on During the Day

“My husband is tied to my apron strings my mom used ‘black assurance on him’ he cannot utter a word without our instructions. I’ll help you when you get married.” She bluffed.

She is one of Niitou’ friends but she hates how she treats her husband she usually advice Niitou but she showed her arrogance;

“You bluff of ‘black assurance’ but it will fail you one day be fair to your husband show him love, respect and humbleness you are just using your pregnancy as an excuse.”

She quarreled with Panka and called her names;

“Go and get married why are you not married up to now? Are you not jealous of me? You’ll not even get a batterer not to talk of a man as perfect as Baah.”


“I talk my own I don’t depend on a man but my petty business be dependent time will teach you a lesson you’ll never see me here until you come to your senses.”

To be Cont.

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