Monday, February 17, 2020

Residents, Vendors Complain Of Foul Odour At Bakoteh Market


By Awa Touray

Residents of Bakoteh who live close to the market called ‘Bakoteh Housing Estate, on Tuesday January 22nd 2019, lamented the issue of a leaking soak-away that affect them and other passers-by.

Residents said they raise their concerns to Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC) officials about the leaking soak-away, but have not received any response to address the issue.

Visiting the said market, this reporter noticed that the soak-away was overflowing its content of raw sewage with a foul stench they cannot describe.

Amie Njie, a resident of Bakoteh who lives opposite the market, complained of the seriousness of the smell. Leontine another resident of Bakoteh living with Amie Njie, narrated her frustration over the bad scent emanating from the leaking raw sewage. She complained of their environment has been polluted with the foul smell that is difficult for them to inhale; that this can affect their health.

She lamented the lack of cooperation on the side of the vendors towards the removal of the raw sewage; that the main reason why her friend protested for the waste to be removed, is because they organize conferences beside the market annually.

“This year it will be difficult to hold the conference beside the market due to the overflowing ‘soak-away”, she said.

Efforts were made to talk to Officers of the National Environment Agency (NEA), and Sheikh Alkinky Sanyang, said this reporter should first visit the KMC to seek their views on the issue before he can make any statement.

This reporter contacted the Deputy Chief Executive Officer (DCEO) of the KMC Bakary Jawo, who said they are are not aware of a leaking soak-away at the Bakoteh market and in turn referred the reporter to one Lamin Sanyang, the Director of Services at KMC Annex whom he referred to as being in a better position to dilate on the issue.

Frantic efforts were made to reach Sanyang to no avail. The issue was raised with the Deputy Director of Services who said he cannot answer any questions on the issue, because he was not aware of a leaking soak-away at the Bakoteh market. He however promised to get back to this reporter when Sanyang returns to office.

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