Sunday, August 25, 2019



Since The Gambia is an agrarian economy, the state of crop production for the 2017 cropping season would significantly impact on the GDP of the country. October should also witness the beginning of the tourist season and this should also impact on the GDP of the country.

Foroyaa is watching closely how these two sectors of the economy would develop under the current administration. One would have thought by now that assessments would be forthcoming of the likely outcome of the cropping season with the mixture of significant rainfall and flooding. If these two sectors experience positive growth the economy is likely to experience a positive growth cushioned by donor support.

The current increases in the cost of living without any immediate prospects of increase in income is leaving the population under the threat of growing poverty which needs to be reversed before the end of the year.

Foroyaa will continue to monitor the prices of commodities and the strength of the local currency in order to determine whether there is a growth towards prosperity or poverty in 2017.


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