Wednesday, February 26, 2020



By Fatoumatta K. Jallow

In the face of increasing price hikes in the market, this reporter yesterday, visited the Serrekunda and Latrikunda marketsA shop selling food commodities respectively to find out the current prices of basic food commodities.

According to the traders at the said markets, a bag of American rice brand costs D1000 while the retail price per cup is D6. ‘Sadam’ rice costs D1400 for a bag and D8 per cup. The prices of the two variety of rice remain the same. The 20 litres gallon of oil was costing D900 but it is now sold for D1125. The 10 container of litres oil was costing D500, and now it is costing D600 while the 5 litres container of oil which was D300, is still sold at the same price. The retail price per cup is still sold at the same price.

A bag of Irish potatoes which was costing D550 is now sold at D600 while the price per kilo is maintained at D35. A bag of onion costs D500 while the kilo is costing D30. Flour which was costing D1400 is now sold at D1500 for the bag.

A bag of crystal moist sugar used to cost D1350 but; while the cup was costing D8.00 it is now available in the market for D11 per cup. The prices of beef steak, meat and bone per kilo is still  costing D250 and D225 respectively.

One kilo tin of tomato paste which used to be sold at D125 is now available for D150. The price of fish (Bonga) varies, depending on several factors, such as the weather. Yesterday vendors at the Serekunda Market were selling 5 pieces for D25, while at the Latrikunda Sabiji Market 3 pieces were sold at D25.

According to one customer, Isatou Jarju, the prices of food commodities have increased immensely especially the bag of sugar which she describes as one of the most important basic food commodities they use it daily.

Another customer, Binta Barry, also lamented the rising prices and the difficulties they face as mothers who are entrusted with the responsibility of managing the scarce resources available in the household and ensure that food is put on the table for the family.


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