Wednesday, October 23, 2019

President Barrow visits international conference centre


President Adama Barrow today visited the construction site of the International Conference Centre in Bijilo, where he was assured by project officials that the ongoing construction works will be completed by September.

Before the inspection of the construction project, the President was informed by the officials during a comprehensive presentation that 75% of the work has already been completed. Additionally, he was briefed that the main structure has been entirely constructed, while the remaining work such as the AC ducting, plumbing works as well as the frame work of the curtain wall are more than 75% done.

Other aspects of the briefing highlighted the composition of workers, 1300 of which was reported to have been Gambians; safety and precautionary measures, and the level of cooperation between the Chinese and Gambian workers on site.

President Barrow said the project is a landmark achievement for The Gambia, and the fact that China is spearheading it will further cement the already existing strong bilateral relations.

The President was accompanied in the inspection tour by the Ambassador of China and Minister of Works, Transport, and Infrastructure, Hon. Bai Lamin Jobe.

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