Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Police to take full charge in providing Security


The Gambia Police Force in a press release has indicated that the police shall assume full responsibility of providing security for all.

The full text of the release reads as follows: 

The office of the Inspector General of Police hereby reminds the general public that the Gambia Police Force is constitutionally mandated  to provide security to the public including political parties, persons and properties. 

This important duty of the Police had been constrained by the previous regime’s interference into the functioning of the Police Department.  

Consequently, the Inspector General’s office wishes to  reassure the public that, in the current dispensation, the Gambia Police Force shall assume full responsibility of providing security to all without fear, favour, affection  or ill will against  any individual, group or political party as enshrined in section 178 (1), (2) and (3) of the constitution of the Gambia.  

In this regard, the office of the Inspector General of Police hereby urges all recruiting organizations, political parties, groups or private individuals providing security to liaise with the Inspector General’s Office to seek approval  as specified under section 18 of the Police  Act  Volume IV laws of the  Gambia, in order to provide security services in accordance with the law. 

The Inspector General’s Office solicits the cooperation of the general public including political parties as maintenance of security is a collective responsibility of all and sundry.

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