Monday, December 16, 2019

Poetic X Engages in Blood Donation


By Yankuba Jallow

The Poetic X, a musical rap group has associated itself to the call to donate blood by persuading many people to donate blood in their large numbers.

The Poetic X compose of two artists namely; Bilal and Ayo who have made it a duty to call on people to come and donate blood to the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital (EFSTH) in Banjul.

Visiting the hospital, it was observed by this reporter that people were coming in groups to donate blood to the hospital.

Speaking to Poetic X, they said this is not the first time for them to do this at the EFSTH because it is now a norm for them that before launching any of their albums, they have to give back to the society through participatory approach. They added that any time they make shows, they take certain percentage of the proceeds back to the society. According to them, they embarked on such an initiative in order to promote blood donation and raise awareness of people in the society about blood donation.

Speaking to Hospital officials, they all held that blood donation is very good because it is saving the lives of those in need of it especially those in maternity and will always be safe for those doing it. Blood donation according to them is very precious and that everyone is called on to do donate blood especially the young. They also expressed profound gratitude to Poetic X group for the wonderful services they have been doing in the country.

Speaking to some of the donors, they all held that it is a matter of utmost necessity that donating blood is ensuring the ‘continuity’ of people.

Modou Sanneh, one of the donors said he did the donation with feeling that “it is always better to save life”. He added that the unavailability of blood in hospitals has cost many deaths in hospitals. He added that increasing the supply of blood in hospitals will help to reduce the death of many people.

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