Monday, August 19, 2019

Pension Payment Is Determined By One’s Salary -MD SSHFC


By Kebba Mamburay

Muhammed Manjang Managing Director of Social Security and Housing Finance Corporation (SSHFC) said Pensions are paid to people based on their salaries.

Mr. Manjang made this remark during an interview with this reporter on the low payment of pensioners.

Following the claims about pensioners’ salary which was said to be unsatisfactory by pensioners, this reporter contacted the SSHFC authorities on the issue.

Foroyaa earlier spoke to some pensioners regarding the issue, Antouman Njie   a Pensioner expresses disappointment with the new management. He said they are finding it difficult to access their pensions not to talk of the 30% increment on their salaries. He noted the Social Security should increase salaries in every three months which has not been done since 2016 up to date.

Mr. Muhammed Manjang, denied the claims that his management has deducted the pensioners salaries.

He said: “As far as my management is concerned, there’d been no salary deduction from the pensioners.” He added there are pensioners who collect their pensions every 3 months but not on a monthly basis. ”

Manjang stresses they have an obligation to pay the pensioners based on salaries they extracted from their employment, adding “there is no way we (SSHFC) can bring that down.”

“If anybody has a concern, the person is free to contact me and i will attend to them individual by individual basis.”

He further reiterated that pension is determined based one’s salary which is not within their control, for they only pay a proportion of one’s salary.

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