Sunday, February 16, 2020



Abdoulai G. Dibba

Self-sufficiency in rice for the inhabitants of Jarumeh Koto village in Sami District of Central River Region (CRR) is being 100 HECTARES OF RICE FARMS PERISH IN JARUMEH KOTOthreatened as more than 100 hectares of rice farms were destroyed by a heavy downpour.

The rains affected five rice fields namely in Laitba, Suwalait, Konkoli, Sansandala and Faribali which were flooded thus rendering the rice plants to submerge into the water.

Talking to one of the victims, Sanji Baba, she confirmed that the destruction of the rice fields has rendered their situation precarious. “It came at a time when we have already sowed all our rice seeds and paid for the ploughing of the fields and waiting for the plants to sprout,” she disclosed.

Fatou Danso, another victim, told this reporter that she had paid D3600 for the ploughing of her field and has now lost all that investment to the flood which inundated her rice field.

She called on the Government and non-governmental organisations to come to their aid as this development has exacerbated their food insecurity.

Mamud Ceesay confirmed that his tractor ploughed over 69 hectares which is different from what the other two tractors have done and all of which have submerged under the water.

All the other affected farmers are now appealing for the intervention of the Government and other partners to salvage them from this destruction which affects their livelihoods.



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