Saturday, October 19, 2019

Outgoing Councillor Preaches Peace


By Mustapha Jallow

Ebrima D.F Jarjou, the outgoing Councillor for Lamin Ward, has urged citizens to maintain peace and refrain from divisive politics in the forthcoming Local Government Elections.

Jarjou made this remark during an exclusive interview with this reporter on Sunday 18th March 2018, at the Foroyaa Offices in Churchill’s town. The former APRC Councillor said he has retired from politics and wants to give way for others too.

‘‘Firstly, my health doesn’t allow me to contest. This is the reason why I want to give way to other people. I contested on APRC ticket in 2013 and was elected. My supporters were interested in me to run again but am not willing to, because of poor health,’’ he said.

According to Jarjou, his advice to people is for them to desist from using abusive language and discrimination against others. ‘‘Political leaders have to be mindful and should sensitize people to know what politics all about is, as well as educate the citizenry on their rights in the country,’’ he advised. ‘‘No party owns this country. Yesterday was the APRC. The day before was the PPP. Today it is a Coalition led Government. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? That is why we need to be careful and refrain from the politics of tarnishing the image and character of other people,’’ he further said.

Jarjou said Gambians should not allow politicians to divide ‘us’; that the country is too small for divisive politics to exist in our midst; that since the country is in transition, people should make efforts to heal all wounds.

‘‘All parties should think of putting the national interests before party interests during campaign period,’’ he said.

In conclusion, Jarjou said his Ward has achieved a lot; that many students in Lamin have been awarded scholarships during his tenure as Councillor and that other social development projects were brought to the area. ‘‘Gambia will ever remain united as one country and people, for the benefit of posterity,’’ he said.

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