Tuesday, November 12, 2019



prison and end the violation of the rights of detainees who are not subjected to any trial. Foroyaa will begin to publish the names of those left out like Amadou Sanneh, once the executive exhausts its list. Hope must still be kept alive.On the other hand, those who felt that this was the beginning of a new trend towards the enlargement of civil and political rights would be disappointed to gather that in the By election in Lower Saloum, the deposit of 50,000 Dalasi is imposed on the contestants.The Bill was reported to have been sent to the president for his assent. The Bill would have to be published in the Gazette to become law. Foroyaa is waiting to get a copy of the Act before making a final comment.It is however a step backwards in implementing the provision on the deposits even before its publication in the Gazette. The people should be on their guard and demand for political reforms to enhance their own empowerment.]]>

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