Sunday, January 26, 2020

On The CRC Tour Differently Abled Persons Demand Inclusion In Proposed New Constitution


By Nelson Manneh

People with disability on Wednesday 9th January 2019, called the attention of members of the Constitutional Review Commission (CRC), to make provision in the new Constitution that will look after their affairs and empower them.

They said they want the new Constitution to empower them with representatives in the National Assembly and to have sign language interpreters to assist them understand the reports of proceedings in the National Assembly.

Abie Jammeh a disable with hearing difficulties, said she understands the massages from the CRC Commissioners through a sign language interpreter. “We want to be represented in all decision-making platforms. We want to see our needs catered for in the new Constitution. We are disable in nature but can participate in anything,” she said.

In her contributions on human rights issues raised by the Commissioners, Jammeh said that to kill a person when he or she kills, is sad; that her opinion is for the death penalty to be replaced by life imprisonment. “Diaspora Gambians and prisoners should have the right to vote. It is true that prisoners may have violated the Law. But this should not restrict them from voting,” she said.

Momodou Sulayman Mbye in his contribution said, dual citizenship should not be accepted; that anybody who chooses to be a Gambian, should only be a Gambian.

“Alkalos and Chiefs should neither be appointed nor elected, but should instead be appointed on the lineage of inheritance,” he said.

Mbye said the Auditor General, Governor of Central Bank, Directors and Managers, Regional Governors and the IEC Chairperson, should not be appointed by the president but by a body.

Regarding the qualification of NAMs and term limit to the presidency, Ebrima Jallow said the position of President and NAMs calls for well-educated persons and that the grade twelve certificate is therefore not enough; that the term limit should be for five years of two terms.

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