Tuesday, November 12, 2019

No official communication on MP Jaiteh’s alleged dismissal



Yakumba Jaiteh, a nominated Member of the National Assembly, has confirmed that she has not received any official communication regarding her purported dismissal from the National Assembly, by the President.

When contacted by this reporter, this is what she said: “This is news to me because no official communication has been brought to my notice.”

Jaiteh who was part of the five nominated members of the Assembly said, she is waiting until Monday to see if she will get a clear information on this.

Following the wide spread of rumour of Jaiteh’s sacking by the President, the news has attracted comments on social media by Gambian activists both at home and abroad.

Most of the comments on the sacking of the nominated member dwelled on the issue of its unconstitutionality.

Yakumba Jaiteh was amongst the nominated members who were sworn in April 2017.

Foroyaa will keep readers updated on the issue.

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