Thursday, October 17, 2019

Newspapers Should Be Careful With Pictures


Pictures on the front page of newspapers are meant to tell a story. A picture is put on the front page of a newspaper without publishing any article making reference to the picture would amount to deceiving the reader.

Controversies have emerged over pictures put on the cover of newspapers. The media practitioners should be truthful to their readers. There are incidents where quotations of statements from President Barrow’s press conferences are published along with a number of political leaders just to give the impression that they have responded to President Barrow. However, when readers read the content they would discover that such leaders have not made any comment regarding any statement by President Barrow. This would cause and has caused misleading statements being issued on the basis of cover pictures. Pictures tell stories. To give the impression that a story exists by publishing a story on the front page only for the reader to discover the contrary would not be a sign of honesty.

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