Sunday, December 8, 2019

New King of Arena: Modou Punches Eumeu to Coma


By Sulayman Bah

Modou Lo yesterday evening punched Eumeu Sene to coma as he snatched the Senegalese crown following a 12-year search.

It was Lo’s second time of asking for the gong after losing in the first which ended in an impressive defeat to then holder Bombardier.

Sunday’s victory couldn’t have been a better comeback for Modou Lo coming hot on the heels of a humiliating loss to Balla Gaye six months ago.

Whistle of start saw the two swing hands and feigning movements.

Modou Lo sent a teasing punch with little impact. The game’s pattern did not change after two minutes.

Apparently fed up of waiting, Eumeu surged forward trying to make a go for his opponent and when he did, it was the shock of the decade.

Utilizing his agility, Modou dived to pack two successive quick knockout blows which landed on Eumeu’s head as he collapsed face down in the sands.

This is the second time an incident of this nature is greeting the A-list arena with the first being when Siteu knocked out Zoss in a division clash who retired soon after.

It’s unclear whether deposed king Eumeu had been resuscitated at press time.

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