Wednesday, October 23, 2019

New Gambia Has No Place for Babarism and the Law of the Jungle


According to media reports, an alleged thief was stripped naked and tortured and a footage of the whole exercise was posted in the internet. This is just barbarism, pure and simple. The torturers who beat up the alleged thief and subjected him to inhuman and degrading treatment have no right to do so. Their act was criminal. All they needed to do was to take him to the nearest police station or to invite the police to come for him.

They cannot take the law into their own hands. We have moved away from the era of impunity when Gambia is ruled by the whims and caprices of an individual. All sovereign Gambians must join hands to build the new Gambia which include institutional and administrative reforms and economic development to minimize the tendency of petty thievery.

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