Thursday, December 5, 2019



Nelson Mandela, the South African icon who fought relentlessly against apartheid and for democracy in South Africa shall forever be remembered by all peace loving and democratic minded persons all over the world. He was regarded as a statesman by world leaders and the attendance at his funeral showed how much respect he commanded. His bronze at Parliament Square in London in his memory shows how much he was honoured.

Nelson fought for freedom and democracy and stood by it after his release from prison after serving 27 years of a life sentence. But he bore no grudge against anyone. He worked skillfully with whites who had been promoting apartheid and his fellow black South Africans who were promoting ethnicity in pursuit of their own selfish interest to bring about stability and unity in South Africa and avert civil war. He promoted reconciliation in his pursuit of the rainbow nation and won the hearts and minds of all races.

There was no iota of greed for political power in him. He served for only one term and voluntarily stepped down from power unlike many African leaders who promise to serve for two terms but end up seeking for a third term when the second term ends.

He is an exemplary character that African leaders must learn from.


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