Friday, September 20, 2019



By Kebba AF Touray

A Mike Tyson-Holyfied moment nearly ensued at the Serekunda East Sports Development Organization’s (SESDO) Congress as delegates almost came to blows in bitter disagreement after parliament’s select sports committee ordered for postponement of the gathering.

Serekunda East Sports Development Organization’s (SESDO) Congress, yesterday could not hold, due to the dissatisfaction of the team representatives at the request of the select committee of National Assembly, who according to Mr. Momodou Lamin Badjie, the chair of the event, called for the postponement of the congress until it has completed its investigation in to the misunderstanding between the National Sports Council and Serekunda East Sports Committee.

 The event was well attended by representatives of teams and disciplines.


The meeting started for a while, but could not proceed, as this announcement aroused the sentiments of team representatives among them Nyakoru Goma and Momodou Njie, who took to the podium to show their dissatisfactions towards the decision they described as a gross violation of their rights and paused the question that does the Select Committee have the right to do so? and was it a written or verbal communiqué?

Mr. Badgie in his response said the select committee has absolute right to regularize all sporting activities in the country, of which SESDO is not an exemption and that the communiqué was through a phone call. This has turned the meeting upside down, as representatives were not content with the decision of the select committee and blamed them for simply complying with a phone call dispatch.

As it stands, no stipulated date has been set for the congress, but teams are hopeful that no matter how long it takes, the longest day must come to an end.

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