Tuesday, November 19, 2019



By Yankuba Jallow

The biennial event, NaYCONF is meant to bring young people from all over the country and beyond to share their experiences and dilate on issues that affect their lives. The theme for NaYCONF 2017 is “New Gambia: Challenges and Opportunities for youth”.

The summary of the sporting activities, for athletics, West Coast Region (WCR) came out first with 250 points,  210 points, Lower River Region (LRR) 152 points, Kanifing Municipality (KMC) 150 points, Central River Region (CRR) 127 points, Banjul City Council (BCC) 83 points and Upper River Region (URR) 65 points.

For wrestling, WCR were given the points against KMC because they were not able to participate for 66kg. In the 76kg wrestling competition, KMC edged over WCR to grab the win and in the 86kg wrestle, KMC also won whilst in the 100kg wrestle, WCR fought back and grabbed the win. In the over-weighed, WCR and KMC went nil because other wrestlers from WCR and KMC weren’t able to win the wrestle. The wrestling championship was decided by tossing a coin that went in the favour of WCR.

On the individual categories, in the 66kg category, Soldier Mbye of WCR versus Baby Khareng of URR, WCR were the winners of the finals. In the 76Kg, Ngos Ndong of BCC defeated Evidence of NBR and in the 86Kg category, Fass of KMC defeated Gambia of WCR. In the 100kg category, Koriat of NBR defeated Lasfer of WCR whilst Wenty of WCR defeated Undertaker of KMC in the 120kg.

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