Thursday, February 27, 2020



The new National Assembly had a shaky start with debates on whether or not the proclamation of the president should be published in the Gazette to give it the force of law and whether it was necessary for members to first decide to adopt a procedure to select a minority leader or to simply proceed and vote without adopting a procedure. There were also exchanges which reflected differences on the emphasis laid on the importance of the standing orders.

But now the dust seems to have settled and the National Assembly seems to have overcome its teething troubles and has taken shape. The Standing Orders has taken sway and members now see it as their guide. Speaker after speaker spoke on issues of concern to the people such as poor roads, lack of medicines, poor health facilities, lack of water and electricity, etc – no praise singing. Some call for democratization in the selection of traditional leaders and the intensification of civic education to enable them to understand the role of national assembly members.

Foroyaa will not lag in its responsibility of closely monitoring national assembly matters and informing the public on a regular basis.


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