Friday, September 20, 2019

National Assembly Takes A New Turn Is Party Politics Being Put Aside?


The debates in the National Assembly and votes tend to give the impression that members of political parties in the National Assembly are no longer being bound by party decisions. Individuals are beginning to make their own decisions irrespective of party affiliation. Hence it is becoming increasingly difficult to predict the outcome of votes in the National Assembly. One thing is however certain, the members as well as the Gambian people are becoming increasingly aware that despite party affiliation, National Assembly members are supposed to put their personal interest behind and put conscience and the national interest at the helm of all their decisions. They will increasingly be judged by their actions weighed against the expectations of the electorate.

The session which witnessed the approval of a budget for 2019 with revenue amounting to 25.3 billion dalasi is to be financed mainly from grants and budget support. This confirms that the country is still highly dependent on donor assistance. The national Assembly members are however divided on how to build the productive base of the economy in order to reduce donor dependency.

Notwithstanding this, the debate has started in earnest and the media is doing a very good job in giving coverage. It is anticipated that in 2019 the National Assembly will become more vibrant. Foroyaa will be there to cover the developments for posterity.

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