Saturday, September 21, 2019



The Supplementary Appropriation Bill which was initially introduced requesting Deputies to appropriate D1.2 billion, was initially reduced to a sum of over D500 million, as proposed by the Public Accounts and Finance Committee. However, Deputies resoundingly rejected the Bill, with most claiming that the process was flawed because of its variance with Section 153 of the Constitution.

However, on Thursday, a Supplementary Appropriation Bill with a revised Supplementary Budget amounting to D585.9 million, was again brought for adoption. An intense debate ensued. At the end of the debate, one could gather that some of the Deputies focused on the Constitutional and Legal process of laying the Supplementary estimates and Supplementary Appropriation Bill, while others focused on the merit. Failing to see eye to eye, the Bill went to the Committee stage for the consideration of its merit.

Four trends developed during the voting process on the merit. Some Deputies voted in favour, others voted against, some abstained and others did not participate at all in the voting process. The public needs an explanation of what really happened. Foroyaa has already contacted HalifaSallah for an explanation and he indicated that he will clarify the matter during the adjournment debate. Instead of contacting the rest for an explanation as planned, Foroyaa is urging all National Assembly members to explain so that the nation will know their positions. Foroyaa will get the information from the Members themselves and convey it to the general public. As it stands, the new year will bring with it an era of transparency and accountability. Those who represent the people, must explain their words and conduct to the satisfaction of the people. Otherwise they will be held accountable by the electorate.

See Foroyaa’s report on the adjournment debate.

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