Saturday, January 25, 2020

Murder Case of Two Tanka Tanka Inmates Resumes Today


By Madi S. Njie

Today November 4th 2019, is the resumption of the case of Aboubacarr Bah, the accused person and former ‘Tanka’ ‘Tanka’ inmate who is alleged to have killed his two fellow inmateswhen he was admitted at the said mental hospital.

The accused person is expected to appear before Justice Alami at the High Court in Banjul at 9:30am. The case which first started on 20th May 2019 at the Banjul Magistrates Court, was transferred to the High Court.

According to reports, Aboubacarr Bah who was said to have been deported from Italy had mental issues and was eventually admitted at the said hospital. It is alleged that during his admission at the hospital, he hit Jerome Jatta, an inmate, with a log on his head and killed him instantly. He is also alleged to have killed Essa Waggeh who was also another inmate at Tanka Tanka during the same night, and burnt his body with the bonfire lighted for the inmates to warm themselves during their admission.

According to relatives, the late Mr. Waggeh was said to be 32 years of age while the late Mr. Jatta was said to be 37 years old.

Michelle Kujabi, elder sister to the late Mr. Jatta walked into Foroyaa Office on Saturday to narrate her family’s shock about the loss of their loved one whom they were trying to help to overcome his mental illness and for him to complete his education.

Michelle said her late younger brother started encountering mental imbalance during his Grade 12 Exams at St. Peters Senior Secondary School; that the late Jerome was always disturbed by mental imbalance whenever he faces exams; that this was why the family decided to transfer him to the National Youth Services Scheme where he was doing very well. She described her late brother as very intelligent and determined, but was obstructed by his mental imbalance.

She said when his late brother was taken to the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital, he was referred to the Psychiatric Unit of the hospital where upon diagnosis, he was admitted at ‘Tanka’ ‘Tanka’ Hospital.

She looks forward to a speedy and fair trial.

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