Monday, February 17, 2020

Manduwar redeems reputation


By Sulayman Bah

Wrestler Manduwar redeemed his battered reputation putting his defeat to ‘France’ behind him to revive his Manduwar left   Balla Nyamina rightcareer with victory over Balla Nyamina.

Once considered one of Gambian arena’s finest, Manduwar has been on upward trajectory until defeat to Leket and Mboran saw him dwindling.

Another batch of combats followed but was this occasion man of the moment braving the hiccups to beat Balla Nyamina in a fiercely contest showdown, weeks after losing to ‘France’ of Banjul.

Held at the Wellingara Football Field, the two dueled in breathtaking fashion going through end of the first ten minutes of the first round without winner emerging.

However, Manduwar eventually strolled past his adversary in the second round expertly pressing him down to the ground to the delight and jubilations of his fans.

In other combats arranged over the weekend, Boy Jola got the better of Boy Faal and Boy Njie beating Boy Sanhghai.

Ambiance sent Bebe VIP tumbling with Triple Less rubbishing Damanour and Toness whipping Donu including Khale Bundaw breezing past R13.

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