Sunday, January 19, 2020

Lung Disease Threatens Life Of Seven Year Old Girl


By Makutu Manneh

Fatou Sonko, a 7 year old girl is said to be seriously suffering from breathing difficult since early childhood.

A medical report from the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital (EFSTH), has shown that young Fatou needs urgent overseas treatment because her lungs are affected by different diseases and it is better to operate them together.

It further stated that Fatou also suffers from TONSILLITIS and ADENOIDITIES in which she received several courses of treatment to no avail. The report also shows that Fatou’s symptoms did not improve after each course of treatment and has persistent mild breathing difficulty and snoring.

Kayluntang Sonko, father of the victim who depends on gardening to maintain his family, said his daughter has been suffering from lung disease since her infant days; that he has been informed by the hospital that his daughter has to go for treatment abroad because the hospital does not have the right equipment to operate her. “Fatou is my only female child,” he said.

Sonko said he has four children, and his only female child needs to attend School like her other siblings.

“My daughter breaths through her mouth only, and even this she finds it difficult to do properly. She cannot even eat healthy foods, she only eats light food, and even this is difficult for her to swallow,”Kayluntang said.

Kayluntang approached this medium to seek for assistance from the Government of the Gambia, donor agencies, embassies and philanthropists, to assist her daughter to go for overseas treatment as prescribed by doctors.

For any assistance, please contact the Foroyaa Office at Churchill’s Town, or you can reach the Father through: +220 7472811.

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