Thursday, January 23, 2020

Lawyers File for Release of UDP Executive Members


By Kebba Jeffang
Lawyer Antouman Gaye, who is leading a team of lawyers representing the executive members of the United Democratic Party From right  Momodou Sanneh Fakebba Colley Lamin Dibba Lawyer Darboe Kemeseng Jammeh Femi Peters Aji Suwareh Bojang(UDP), including its leader Mr. Ousainou Darboe, said they have filed a case at the high court on Tuesday, 19 April, 2016 to secure the release of their clients.

The UDP executive members were arrested by the security forces on Saturday 16 April, when they engaged in a procession to demand for the release of the protesters at Westfield, including Mr. Ebrima Solo Sandeng, who was recently elected as the UDP National Organisng Secretary, alleged to have died in custody.

Since then the whereabouts of some of the protesters on Thursday, 14 April, and marchers on Saturday, 16 April, remain unknown to their relatives and the public as well.

Talking to this reporter, senior counsel Gaye confirmed that the case was filed. “Yes, we have filed the case today to secure their release,” he said.

He added that there are many lawyers in the matter because it is not only Darboe who is affected but several other party members.

Mr. Gaye also confirmed that “I have tried to see them as a lawyer but I could not access them and their whereabouts is also not known to me either,” revealed Gaye.

On when the process will commence, he responded that filing a case is a process and that a procedure has to be followed.

“As we have filed the case now, all the documents are in the court’s custody and in process it will reach the Chief Justice who will later decide which judge will take the matter,” said Lawyer Gaye.

The continuous detention of lawyer Darboe, UDP executives and militants have now exceeded the constitutional limit of 72 hours.


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