Friday, February 28, 2020

Late Solo Sandeng Memorial Walk Held


By Yankuba Jallow

The United Democratic Party (UDP), together with civil society organisations, on Saturday 14th April 2018, walked from Tipper Garage in Bakoteh to Westfield, in memory of late Ebrima Solo Sandeng and other UDP protesters.

The day marked exactly the second year, when the protest took place, when the Executive members of the party were arrested, prosecuted and later sentenced to three years of imprisonment. Among the arrestees who later lost their lives, were Solo kurumah, Lamin Marong alias Lang Marong and Femi Peters, the former Ambassador to the sister Republic of Sierra Leone.

Speaking at Westfield, Fatoumata Jawara, the National Assembly Member for Tallinding Constituency who was also arrested alongside the late Solo Sandeng, said the Security Forces at that time, meted inhuman treatment on them which resulted to the death of the late Solo Sandeng; that those who lost their lives included Ebrima Janko Ceesay, Lang Marong, Solo krumah, Femi Peters and Lang Manjang; that these were the people who paid the price of democracy with their lives; that the dictator Yahya Jammeh has been ousted by the people and that the country will never return to dictatorial regime.

However, Fatoumata lamented the status of the victim’s families and called for them to be supported. She called on donors especially international partners, to champion the course of supporting the families of the victims in order to adequately integrate them in society. She said the families of the victims must not be forgotten by Government as well as the Executive of UDP.

“Every Gambian has contributed to the democratic dispensation we are enjoying today, but our decision to go to the street was the game changer that brought about the democratic dispensation that we are all enjoying today,” she said.

She called for justice for all the victims saying justice delayed is justice denied.

The event was attended by scores of UDP supporters and militants including Executive members.

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