Thursday, December 12, 2019

Land Dispute at Jabang


By Louise Jobe

A group of Police Intervention Unit (PIU), were on Thursday 14thDecember 2017 deployed to evict families from their houses in Jabang in the Kombo North District.

According to sources, the Bojang and Cham kunda families of Sukuta (the Mambuna Kabilo) are claiming ownership of the said area. The dispute erupted in the wake of attempts by members of Bojang and Cham families to take over what they called their rightful property. This came after they secure a court order to evict the residents of the area. One resident, Babucarr Senghore, said their belongings were thrown out by members of the said families who were escorted by the PIU personnel, who claim to be executing a court order. Mr. Senghore indicated that they were never informed of any court order regarding the said area. According to him, they only came to know about the eviction when they were told to vacate. He said the “Alkalo” of the settlement was informed about the issue because he was served with the summon. Senghore further indicated that he met with the “Alkalo” of the village to ask him about the story; that at the Alkalos compound, he saw the former Minister of the Interior Mr. Mai Ahmed Fatty, who was seen among the group of people who came to forcefully evict them.

Mr. Ebrima Colley, a former “Alkalo” of Jabang village, said the land issue started in the year 2007, when the Bojang kunda family of Sukuta came to the village with PIU personnel; that they claim to have won a court case against the villagers and were given a court order to evict them from the said area. Mr. Colley added that at the time, no written document was provided for by the Bojang Kunda Family to prove their point; that during that time, three people were arrested and detained; that since then, they did not come back to the village until this year when the Government of the country changed. He added that immediately after the change of Government, the Bojang kunda family of sukuta said they are going to take back their Lands which is occupied by strangers.

Pa Ousman Colley, the present “Alkalo” of Jabang when contacted, said he cannot remember receiving any court order from the families who are claiming ownership of the land they are occupying as the village of Jabang; that he is not aware of any case between Jabang village and the said Bojang kunda families of Sukuta. Mr. Colley said that Jabang village is more than three decades old.

Mr. Ebrima Dicko a shop keeper said they ask him to close his shop or take out his goods from the shop because the one who rented the shop to him is not the owner of the Land; that they went to the extent of locking his shop with a new padlock; that he unsuccessfully pleaded with them until angry villagers came to the scene and forced them to stop their actions. Mr. Dicko continued that it was when the PIU saw the villagers coming in their numbers and getting agitated and angry, that they decided to back off into their trucks and drove out of the village.

This reporter tried the Police PRO for him to shed light on the issue, but to no avail. Foroyaa will investigate from the authorities to inform the readership.

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