Tuesday, November 12, 2019

KGI MD Continues Testimony At ‘Janneh’ Commission


By Mamadou Dem

The Managing Director of Kanilai Group International (KGI) Woreh Njie-Ceesay, yesterday continued to give evidence before the ‘Janneh’ Commission, on matters relating to the affairs of APAM, where she once served as the Managing Director.

Alhamdullahi Petroleum and Mining Company (APAM), was a mining Company initiated by the former president purposely to engage in the mining of black sand, that was sent to China.

Mrs. Njie-Ceesay told Commissioners that she was appointed as the Managing Director of the Company in October 2016, after her predecessor Tony Ghattas, a Lebanese national, was demoted.

Mrs. Njie-Ceesay however could not explain who actually appointed her, but confirmed that she was informed but later changed that she was called by the then exiled General Saul Badjie, who summoned a meeting for her to work with her predecessor, in order to restructure and regularise the affairs of the Company.

She however pointed out to Commission Chairman Sourahata Janneh, that she would not know why Mr. Ghattas was demoted and she was appointed; that when she was appointed, she co-signed cheques with Mr. Ghattas whenever he wanted to make a transaction at the Bank; that she was briefed by Mr. Ghattas about the affairs of the Company and its involvement in sand mining before an account was opened, further recalling that by the time she was appointed, the account was already closed.

The former Banker explained that she was not involved in the selling of black sand, but was briefed by Mr. Ghattas about the shipment account where the proceeds of the black sand were deposited.

She further clarified that she was not privy to the statement of the shipment account, but did confirm the Company’s hiring of foreign employees from China.

 “I did not sign anything on the joint venture agreement between APAM and Shanghai Gambia,” she reacted.

Hearing continues today.

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