Thursday, January 23, 2020

Is there real danger of a political uprising in The Gambia again after removing Jammeh through the ballot box?



Foroyaa has been following the pronouncements of the political opinion leaders in the country as well as the men and women in uniform. We are yet to hear any pronouncement from any political opinion leader of preparation for unconstitutional takeover of power.

What we hear is a debate surrounding whether President Barrow should honour the promise made as a coalition flag bearer to vacate office after three years. What would be done if he decides to serve a mandate of five years is yet to be clear from any quarters, be it military, political or civil.

Everybody knows what should have been the ideal situation after effecting peaceful transfer of power. What Gambians are yet to decide is what will be the next best scenario if the ideal situation is missed? Each sovereign Gambian has the duty to look at what is happening in every African country to draw lessons on how to settle political challenges and then put one’s proposal in the public space for a debate. Personal opinions are just personal opinions. However, power can only change when the vast majority of people are galvanized around a single demand and a single method of demanding for power. Unity is strength and as far as the Gambian experience is concerned, the unity is best maintained and galvanized through constitutional means of taking over power.

This is the Gambian experience. Is there another experience of peaceful transfer of power? The public space is open for a seriously meant debate on the future of the country.

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