Saturday, September 21, 2019

Is It The Duty Of The National Assembly To Push President Barrow To Serve For Three Years?



Columnists and commentators have been publishing views tending to give the impression that National Assembly members could amend the Constitution and get President Barrow to serve for three years.

It is important for the Gambian people, especially the youth to organise symposia and debates between people who claim to have thorough knowledge of what should currently be the way forward for the country so that divergent views will contend in order for the people to have clarity on such matters. It is however important for the Gambian people to realise that the UDP, NRP, APRC, GDC, PDOIS, PPP and the independent National Assembly members went to the polls and won the polls for their parties or on independent party ticket.

The Gambian people should ask each party or independent member what it stands for in being a coalition member. Foroyaa will reach out to any of the National Assembly members who is willing to comment on the claim that the National Assembly could change the constitution and ensure that president barrow serves three-year term.

Readers should follow the debate in the column and the National Assembly regarding the three-year term for President Barrow. We will quote what commentators say and pose the question to each of the parties interested in the National Assembly for answers.

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