Saturday, September 21, 2019

Is it proper to talk about the guilt of a person before he/she is tried?



Is it proper to talk about the guilt of a person before he/she is tried?

According to section 24 of the Constitution, anybody charged with a criminal offence should be presumed innocent until the person is proven or pleads guilty. Hence, all evidence should be in the hands of the prosecution which must be presented before an independent and impartial tribunal for adjudication.

Hence, while the president claimed that there are two major scandals touching on the purchase of fuel allegedly involving 12 million dollars and the auctioning of vehicles allegedly involving over 4 million dalasi, the accused persons are yet to be tried before a court to determine innocence or guilt.

Trial by press is not considered to be justifiable in a republic. A genuine trial must give both sides opportunity to express their opinions as well as to cross examine each other to separate fact from fabrication.

The future will reveal the facts. Foroyaa will cover the cases as they unfold.

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